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User Advisory Group
The User Advisory Group (UAG) is a 100% volunteer group of landscapers, arborists and other ground maintenance professionals. This group, who are fans of various product brands, dedicate time to sharing their professional experiences starting, building, and managing their businesses with other pros. In addition to educating and inspiring other pros in this community, the UAG often provides independent and objective end-user testing and feedback to assist the community's sponsor (ECHO USA) to better understanding the needs of the community and industry professionals.
UAG PRO Members 2018

The UAG PRO team serve as volunteer campaign advisors to the ECHOMeansBusiness.com site and community. In addition to sharing their experiences with the community, they work with campaign administrators to help shape the direction of the web community across the site, mobile app (coming soon), and live events. This year's advisory group include:

User Advisory Group Members 2018
Adam Dalton

Hungry Cow Lawn Care

Website: www.hungrycowlawncare.com

YouTube: Hungry Cow Lawn Care

Instagram: @hungrycowlawncare

Twitter: @HungryCowLawn

Facebook: @hungrycowlawncare

Brad Lloyd

Your Way Lawn Care

Website: www.yourwaylawncare.com

YouTube: YourWay LawnCare

Instagram: @yourwaylawncare

Twitter: @yourwaylawzcare

Facebook: @yourwaylawncarenc

Brian Shain

Top Notch Lawn Care

Website: www.topnotchstripes.com

YouTube: Top Notch Lawn Care

Instagram: @topnotch.lawncare

Twitter: @topnotchlawns7

Facebook: @topnotchstripes

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Bryant Manzo

Manzos Lawn Care

Website: www.manzolawnservice.com

YouTube: Manzo Lawn Service, LLC

Instagram: @manzolawnservice

Twitter: @ManzoLawnSvc

Facebook: @manzolawnservicellc

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Daniel Hood

Hoods Cut Rite

Website: www.hoodscutrite.com

YouTube: Hood's Cut-Rite Lawn Care

Instagram: @hoods_cutrite

Facebook: @hoodslawn

Danny Lanier

Lanier Lawn Care

Website: www.lanierlawns.com

YouTube: Lanier Lawn Care

Instagram: @lanierlawncare

Twitter: @Lanierlawncare

Facebook: @lanierlawncare

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David Ovando

Mower Man Lawn Service

Website: www.mowermanlawnservice.com

YouTube: Mower Man Lawn Service

Instagram: @mowermanls, @mowermanls2.0

Twitter: @MowerManLS

Facebook: @MowerManLS

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Delbert Powell

Del’s Lawn Care

YouTube: Del’s Lawn Care

Instagram: @delslawncare

Twitter: @DelsLawnCare

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Jake Lanier

Massey Lawn Care

Website: masseylandscapeservice.com

YouTube: Massey Landscape Service

Instagram: @jake_masseylandscape

Facebook: @masseylandscape

Jim Nelson

J and J Lawn Service

Website: www.jandjlawn.com

YouTube: J and J Lawn Service

Instagram: @jandjlawnservice

Facebook: @JandJLawnLakeCityFL

Josh Currivan
Julio Tome

Cloverdale Mowing

Website: www.cloverdalemowing.com

YouTube: Lawn Care Business Success

Instagram: @lawncarebusinesssuccess

Facebook: @cloverdalemowing

Kevin Blackmer

Texas Veteran Lawn Service

Website: www.texasveteranlawnservice.com

YouTube: Texas Veteran Lawn Service

Instagram: @kblackmer100

Twitter: @kblackmer78

Facebook: @TexasVeteranLawnService

Nathanael Strickland

Strickland Lawn Care

Website: strickland-landscaping.business.site

Instagram: @strickland__landscaping

Facebook: Strickland Landscaping

Nicholas Saint

One Love Lawn Care

Website: www.onelovelawn.com

YouTube: OneLove Lawn

Instagram: @onelove_lawn

Twitter: @1LuvLawn

Facebook: @OneLoveLawn

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Richey Plemons

Plemons Lawncare

Website: plemonslawncare.com

YouTube: Plemons Lawn and Landscape

Instagram: @plemonslawncare

Facebook: @plemonslawnandlandscape

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Shawn Spencer

Spencer's Lawn Care

Website: sspencerslawncare.com

YouTube: Spencer Lawn Care

Instagram: @spencerlawncare_youtube

Twitter: @spencerslc84

Facebook: @SpencersLawncare

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Spencer Abbott

S.A. Landscaping

Website: www.landscaping-sa.com

Facebook: Paysagement S.A. Landscaping

Tyler Guess

Clean Cut Lawns NC

Website: www.cleancutlawnsnc.com

YouTube: CleanCutLawns NC

Instagram: @cleancutlawnsnc

Facebook: @CleanCutLawnsNC

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Wally Wood

Beach River Landscapes

Website: www.beachriverlandscapes.com

YouTube: Beach River Landscapes

Instagram: @beachriverlandscapes

Twitter: @beachriverjax

Facebook: @beachriverlandscapes

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