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WIN 2018 mlb all-star game tickets!
Earn ballots every day simply by engaging other professional users of outdoor power equipment within this community it's that easy!
bonus daily, weekly, and monthly prizes!
for your chance to win!
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Prizes & Winners
Win a Trip to the 2018 MLB ALL-STAR GAME in Washington, DC!

Between April 1st, 2017 and October 31st, 2017, registered users of the ECHOMeansBusiness.com community are eligible to win a trip for two to the 2018 MLB All-Star Game in Washington, DC simply by interacting with content and others!

Earn ballots every day! Just register or login to start or join a conversation on the Pro User Forum, watch videos, share articles on your social networks. It's that easy!

Win Daily, Weekly, and Monthly!

Can't wait for the Grand Prize Award? You don't have to!

Ballots earned from online engagement are collected daily. Each ballot is a chance to win a daily, weekly, or monthly prize! So, log in every day; share, engage, and post your way to some great prizes! You're eligible to win prizes EVERYDAY!

How To Win

You can earn ballots or a chance to win daily, weekly, monthly, and/or the Grand Prize every day. The more you engage on the site, the more chances you have to win. See the chart below for a summary of the ballots earned by site engagement. See Contest Rules and Regulations for full contest rules and eligibility.

Ballots Earned


Daily prize
Daily Prizes
Fun items are given away every day! These include: Chain Saw Squishy, ECHO key chain, Gift Card.
weekly prize
Weekly Prizes
ECHO ball caps will be awarded every week!
monthly prize
Monthly Prizes
A lucky Pro-User will win ECHO shirts and hats for four crew members!
grand prize
Grand Prize
Trip for two to the 2017 MLB All-Star Game in Washington, DC.
Sweepstakes Winners

Daily winners

Oct 22 Jason Baker Illinois
Oct 21 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 20 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 19 Jason Baker Illinois
Oct 18 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 17 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 16 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 15 Nicholas Saint Ohio
Oct 14 Jason Baker Illinois
Oct 13 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 12 Jason Baker Illinois
Oct 11 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 10 Nick Pearson Pennsylvania
Oct 09 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 08 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 07 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 06 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 05 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 04 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 03 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 02 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 01 Josh Currivan Massachusetts
Sep 29 Brad Tarachanowicz Michigan
Sep 28 Fernando Geddie North Carolina
Sep 27 Tyler Hoge Connecticut
Sep 26 Dylan Patton Ohio
Sep 25 Dylan Patton Ohio
Sep 23 Todd Glover Florida
Sep 22 Timothy Havlock North Carolina
Sep 21 Todd Glover Florida
Sep 20 Stacey Hood Alabama
Sep 19 Daniel Daff Virginia
Sep 18 Paul Smith Massachusetts
Sep 17 Jeremy Smith Illinois
Sep 16 Jonathan Nadeau Maine
Sep 15 Edward Hobday Georgia
Sep 14 Bradley Mckeone Pennsylvania
Sep 13 Brayden Morrow Kentucky
Sep 12 Jason Baker Illinois
Sep 11 Matthew Foushee Kentucky
Sep 10 Taylor Merry Tennessee
Sep 08 Jason Baker Illinois
Sep 07 Timothy Havlock North Carolina
Sep 06 Rick Doss Florida
Sep 05 David Abbott Maine
Sep 04 Collin McCann Georgia
Sep 03 Robert Thompson Ohio
Sep 02 Robert Thompson Ohio
Aug 31 Jerry Fratini Maine
Aug 30 Timothy Havlock North Carolina
Aug 29 Timothy Havlock North Carolina
Aug 28 Mike Arrieta Georgia
Aug 27 Victor Carrillo Oklahoma
Aug 26 Nathan Gant Florida
Aug 23 Phillip Snodgrass Kansas
Aug 22 Josh Shields Georgia
Aug 19 Christopher Rodriguez Wyoming
Aug 18 Scott Nadeau New Hampshire
Aug 17 JB Fullerton Pennsylvania
Aug 16 P Pine Florida
Aug 15 JB Fullerton Pennsylvania
Aug 14 Larry Mayo Florida
Aug 13 Kyle Franck North Carolina
Aug 12 Adam Cummings Alabama
Aug 11 RONALD ZIMMERMAN Pennsylvania
Aug 10 Jolfrein Castelan Texas
Aug 09 Dale Weaver Pennsylvania
Aug 08 jonathon abrahams Louisiana
Aug 07 Jason Baker Illinois
Aug 06 Jason Baker Illinois
Aug 04 Ed Proulx New Hampshire
Aug 03 JOHN COSCIO Connecticut
Aug 02 Alaine Morin Connecticut
Aug 01 JB Fullerton Pennsylvania
Jul 31 Mark Smith Ohio
Jul 30 fred flores California
Jul 29 TIMMY SPAULDING North Carolina
Jul 28 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 27 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 26 JB Fullerton Pennsylvania
Jul 25 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 24 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 23 Mike Samuels Florida
Jul 22 Dan ROBINSON New Hampshire
Jul 21 Jim Erickson New Jersey
Jul 20 larry lucas Texas
Jul 19 Lynn Hollinger Pennsylvania
Jul 18 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 17 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 16 Steven Cohen Virginia
Jul 15 David Sprinkel Georgia
Jul 14 Samuel Rankin Iowa
Jul 13 Steve Miller Connecticut
Jul 12 Austin Dunham Pennsylvania
Jul 11 Rebecca Mundis Pennsylvania
Jul 10 Victor Bautista California
Jul 09 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 08 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 07 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 06 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 04 Tate Jackson Georgia
Jul 03 Brandon Hartman
Jul 02 Donald Mauch Sr Massachusetts
Jul 01 Corey Hatcher Tennessee
Jun 30 Pat Lyons Rhode Island
Jun 29 William Smith Massachusetts
Jun 28 Nancy Wright Virginia
Jun 27 Andrew Sanchez Texas
Jun 26 jerry digiovanni Massachusetts
Jun 25 Zane Rowland Texas
Jun 24 Ryan Price New Hampshire
Jun 23 Christian Bailey Tennessee
Jun 22 Nick Woodward Delaware
Jun 21 Glen Acre Arkansas
Jun 20 Larry Bolusan California
Jun 19 Robert Wolmart New York
Jun 18 Jordan Krueger Illinois
Jun 17 sabina dipu Ohio
Jun 16 Phil Fairbanks Massachusetts
Jun 15 Scott Morrison Massachusetts
Jun 14 Ron Coleman Ohio
Jun 13 wayne thomsen Illinois
Jun 12 Kevin Wendland Michigan
Jun 11 nick lesinski Kentucky
Jun 10 David Hagler Illinois
Jun 09 Beverly King Massachusetts
Jun 08 Mike Oyola North Carolina
Jun 07 Rachel Rounseville Massachusetts
Jun 06 Fran Antico Massachusetts
Jun 05 Misha LeBlanc
Jun 04 Troy Lovell Georgia
Jun 03 Jose Ramos California
Jun 02 Michael Baisy Texas
Jun 01 Louis Bandy New Mexico
May 31 David McManamay Ohio
May 30 Brad Lloyd North Carolina
May 29 Ron Coleman Ohio
May 27 Chip Klein
May 26 David Cordova
May 25 Brian Thibadeau
May 24 Sha Ali
May 23 Tim Wetherby
May 22 Arthur Thomas California
May 21 Arthur Thomas California
May 20 John Kollar
May 19 Richard Wojtowicz Indiana
May 18 Ron Coleman Ohio
May 17 Joel Allen
May 16 Bruce Farr
May 15 Mickey D California
May 14 Corey Parrish Virginia
May 13 Corey Parrish Virginia
May 12 Josh Windham Mississippi
May 11 Ron Coleman Ohio
May 10 Chuck Holcombe
May 09 Darrin Almond
May 08 Eric Levchuk
May 07 Steven Campbell North Carolina
May 06 Ron Coleman Ohio
May 05 Josh Windham Mississippi
May 04 Ryan Dean
May 03 Dontae Johnson North Carolina
May 02 Delbert Powell Michigan
May 01 Aaron Johnson
Apr 30 Julio Tome Illinois
Apr 29 Morris Grubbs
Apr 28 Wally Wood Florida
Apr 27 Robert Campbell
Apr 26 kevin blackmer Texas
Apr 25 Jim Nelson Florida
Apr 24 kevin blackmer Texas
Apr 23 Derrick Perrin Maryland
Apr 22 Charles Hemozkiy
Apr 21 RJ Steineke Illinois
Apr 20 willard senter
Apr 19 Randall Hammonds Virginia
Apr 18 Collin Boe Florida
Apr 17 Angel Leon California
Apr 16 Arsen Nguyen Florida
Apr 15 Melvin Mast
Apr 14 Ron Coleman Ohio
Apr 13 Angel Leon California
Apr 12 Daniel Sigouin
Apr 11 Ken Osberg
Apr 10 Khai Locke-Shelton
Apr 09 Jerry Jones Michigan
Apr 08 Myles Standridge California
Apr 07 Ross McKamey
Apr 06 Richard Wojtowicz Indiana
Apr 05 Rusty Rogers
Apr 04 Stephen Moore
Apr 03 Scott Sovocool

Weekly winners

Oct 16 - Oct 22 Bradley Behr Florida
Oct 09 - Oct 15 Jason Baker Illinois
Oct 02 - Oct 08 Bradley Behr Florida
Sep 25 - Oct 01 Todd Glover Florida
Sep 18 - Sep 24 Joshua Bostic Illinois
Sep 11 - Sep 17 Daniel Rutherford Indiana
Sep 04 - Sep 10 Taylor Merry Tennessee
Aug 28 - Sep 03 Robert Thompson Ohio
Aug 21 - Aug 27 Nathan Gant Florida
Aug 14 - Aug 20 P Pine Florida
Aug 07 - Aug 13 Kyle Franck North Carolina
Jul 31 - Aug 06 JB Fullerton Pennsylvania
Jul 24 - Jul 30 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 17 - Jul 23 Dan ROBINSON New Hampshire
Jul 10 - Jul 16 Bradley Behr Florida
Jul 03 - Jul 09 Bradley Behr Florida
Jun 26 - Jul 02 Stoyan Popov Massachusetts
Jun 19 - Jun 25 Jay Hilton Rhode Island
Jun 12 - Jun 18 sabina dipu Ohio
Jun 05 - Jun 11 Bradley Mckeone Pennsylvania
May 29 - Jun 04 Nicholas Clark Illinois
May 22 - May 28 Bob Carso
May 15 - May 21 Corey Parrish Virginia
May 08 - May 14 Bryan Hopkins New York
May 01 - May 07 Ron Coleman Ohio
Apr 24 - Apr 30 Jimmy Massey North Carolina
Apr 17 - Apr 23 anthony sanchez
Apr 10 - Apr 16 Angel Leon California
Apr 03 - Apr 09 Chris Dauses

Monthly winners

September Anthony Bobe Louisiana
August JB Fullerton Pennsylvania
July Harold Minnich Pennsylvania
June tim jordan Oregon
May David Cordova
April Ron Coleman Ohio