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User Advisory Group
The User Advisory Group (UAG) is a 100% volunteer group of landscapers, arborists and other ground maintenance professionals. This group, who are fans of various product brands, dedicate time to sharing their professional experiences starting, building, and managing their businesses with other pros. In addition to educating and inspiring other pros in this community, the UAG often provides independent and objective end-user testing and feedback to assist the community's sponsor (ECHO USA) to better understanding the needs of the community and industry professionals.
UAG Council Members 2019

The UAG Council team serve as volunteer campaign advisors to the ECHOMeansBusiness.com site and community. In addition to sharing their experiences with the community, they work with campaign administrators to help shape the direction of the web community across the site, mobile app, and live events. This year's UAG Council team are:

User Advisory Group Members 2019
Adam Dalton

Hungry Cow Lawn Care

Website: www.hungrycowlawncare.com

YouTube: Hungry Cow Lawn Care

Instagram: @hungrycowlawncare

Twitter: @HungryCowLawn

Facebook: @hungrycowlawncare

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Carlos Huaracha

Jh Landscaping Inc.

Facebook: @jhlandscapinginc

Instagram: @Jhlandscapinginc

Doug Reich

Greenworks Lawn and Landscape

Website: greenworksgr.com

Facebook: @greenworksgr

Instagram: @greenworks616

YouTube: @Greenworks Lawn and Landscape

Mark Sloan

Sloan's Lawn Care and Landscaping

Website: sloanslawncareandlandscaping.com

Facebook: @sloanslawncareandlandscaping

Instagram: @sloans_lawn_care

YouTube: @Sloan's Lawn Care And Landscaping

Scott Saunders

Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts

Website: fraseroutdoorliving.ca

Facebook: @FraserOLC

Instagram: @fraseroutdoorlivingconcepts

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Tyler Dixon

Dixon Landscaping & Design LLC

Website: landscapesbydixon.com

Facebook: @landscapesbydixon

Instagram: @dixonlandscaping

YouTube: @dixonlandscaping

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