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Pushing driveway pressure washing hard until spring, and then targeting a lot more addresses with postcard marketing to go from part time work in this industry to full time.
Non-ethanol for me. Really helps during the winter when I am only firing stuff up a few times a month.
I haven't used it (just applied, though) but based on my research the call you got is the same type of business that offers to file your business paperwork for a few hundred bucks. They rely on you not knowing you can do it yourself to give them some easy money. Amazon doesn't charge to join or get leads, you only have to do a revenue split of completed jobs. So they are basically applying for you (which just took me 4 minutes) and pocketing all that cash (as far as I know, maybe they do additional stuff for you after?)
sierslawncare wrote:how often should you grease your mowers?

While I am not saying anyone is wrong who has commented so far, I would recommend consulting your manual rather than soliciting input here. You manufacturer will tell you where and when to grease. Some people's mowers may have different grease points or seals than your mower, which could lead to improper greasing (either too much or too little).
Great reminder! I always try to drink 16oz water bottle between yards (usually every 30/40 minutes) and never go more than 1 hr without taking a break for bigger properties. And yes, it has been getting HOT!
Sandpiper_Landscapes wrote:
Abbigailstuebs wrote:
Sandpiper_Landscapes wrote:I ended up giving the client a per-hour bid. She's a good client with a very large property that needs a lot of work and she knows it. I won't say what my hourly rate was that I gave her, but it will definitely be profitable. We're also exploring the idea of pulling out all of the stone and rubber mulch this fall and replacing it with hardwood mulch.

I definitely agree with the pricing per hour for jobs like this. It makes sure you get paid right for the amount of time it ends up taking you.

Yeah, the client ended up accepting the estimate and I hired a guy I use for day-labor from time to time to do the job today. It took him almost 7 hours to get it all done, and he ended up with a pile of weeds that I would guess was about 2-yards in total that we disposed of in some erosion washouts on the back of her property where she dumps her horse stall shavings at. I didn't make a killing off of it, but I made a small profit, was able to give a guy some work for a day, and my client could not be happier. It was a win all the way around and makes me less worried about quoting hourly now.

Thanks for the follow-up with summary. Lots of questions on this site get answered but I'm always left wondering how it worked out for the OP.
LandscapesbyAcme wrote:you dont need much to start a lawn care business. I would not play at casnios to try and earn money, when you can take a little money each week and buy some equipment.

I think this is a spam account. Based on the posts and links it only serves to propagate whatever they might be talking about in as many places as possible.
I used 5 gallon buckets for my lighter Big Dog Alpha. When I got the BOB-CAT QuickCat it was too heavy for me to lift like that, so I upgrade to this:

Seems like if it works for you that is the most important thing! I know my folks who don't get leaf cleanups have a lot of junk in their yard for their first few cuts, so mulching blades seem to help get everything cleaner faster.
I will be! I don't know how long, but last year I only went Thursday/ Friday and that was too much travelling/expo/filming crammed into two days. Would like to add another day to the trip this year!
I have only used Yardbooks for everything and keep track of expenses for tax purposes on an Excel sheet myself. I believe you can bill without going premium on Yardbooks, it just carries an extra 1% payment processing fee on top of Stripe's charges.
I am a fan of the stand on myself!
Being able to say 'no' to work that I don't have any interest in doing. Such a good feeling.
Time is my biggest factor to come up with prices.

I have my desired hourly rate, if I think a yard takes 30 minutes then it is $hourly rate X .5 hours = pricing.

Bi-weekly lawns get a 30% up-charge to handle the extra growth/time.

Unless they insist I don't give pricing over the phone, instead preferring to see the property in person then email an estimate.
I target whole neighborhoods with postcards. One benefit of that is I don't pick and choose people in there, so I can claim ignorance. "Hey man, sorry it went to your customer, I just sent them to everyone in the neighborhood!"
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