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10 Ways to Attract More Business While on the Job

10 Ways to Attract More Business While on the Job

Getting business is good, but earning repeat business is better! Here are 10 ways to attract more business while you are on the job

  • Wear uniforms. Uniforms create a culture of professionalism and teamwork. Uniforms show your employees and anyone who drives by that you are serious about the work that you do.

  • Use truck signage. A clearly branded truck is one of the most useful and lucrative advertising choices. Post your business name, logo, and phone number so that it is easy to read from a distance.

  • Post lawn sticks. While leaving a lawn stick with the name of the company who did the landscaping isn't entirely unique, what is unique is leaving something on the sign that will immediately offer readers more value. Offer a compelling article title about ways to save money or improve the look of their home with a link to your website to read the full post. Or post a coupon code for the first lawn service along with your phone number.

  • Leave door hangers. Since many (if not most) companies are looking to up their online marketing game, many (if not most!) have lost touch with tangible marketing tools such as door hangers. Create an attractive, well-written door hanger with gratitude for the opportunity to work on a client's property, or create door hangers offering incentives or coupons for future services.

  • Give business cards.Create and take business cards with you wherever you go. You never know when a trip to the hardware store will result in a potential business opportunity. Invest in a mounted vehicle business card dispenser so potential clients can grab a card wherever you park.

  • Be friendly. Remember: Interpersonal skills rival professional skills in most situations. Be kinder than necessary.

  • Do something for the neighbors. Be sure you don't leave clippings or waste on a neighbor's property. If you see something that can be done quickly and efficiently, do it.

  • Offer discounts. As often as you can, be generous with discounts. Clients love to feel like they are getting a good deal. And often, repeat business at a discount is more valuable than less work at a higher price. Receiving value begins with giving value to others.

  • Create incentives. Word of mouth is a profitable business's best friend. Especially if your client is happy, offer to save the person money if he or she will refer new clients.

  • Do a quality job. Always, the single greatest way to attract more business is to do a good job. Bottom line: Be generous, do good work, leave info, and be kind!