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10 Landscaping Websites with Great Curb Appeal

Besides knowing how to design and create beautiful outdoor spaces, it is also important to have a beautifully designed and up-to-date website.

Currently, over 90% of people research for services and products online before making a purchase. First impressions go a long way and your website is often the first thing people look at while they research.

Having a website is an important part of marketing your landscaping business in order to let people learn about your company and services before they decide to contact you.

Here’s 10 examples of landscaping business websites that we think you can learn some tips to help improve your website.

Blake Landscapes


Blake Landscapes’ has a visually stunning website. The main focus of the page is the large cascading photographs that highlight their commercial and residential landscape work.

The pink rose background helps to compliment and highlight the important sections of the website -- company logo, menu, telephone number and their banner for a free consultation.

Wheat’s Lawn & Custom Landscape


Upon entering Wheat’s Lawn and Custom Landscape’s website, you’re immediately hit with a beautiful landscape slideshow gallery.

The green arrow at the bottom automatically leads you down the page to read more information about their services and a contact form for consultation.

The main navigation remains static as you scroll up and down the page with the company’s phone number placed prominently at the top left corner.

JGM Landscaping INC.


JGM Landscaping uses a combination of text and photographs to catch your attention once you land on their website. The photos combined with detailed text, showcases key information about who they are and what they do as a company.

Their logo is prominent and their contact information is large and clear for people to find in order to contact them to inquire about their services.

TLC Landscaping


TLC Landscaping’s website uses big and bold visuals with minimal text to highlight their services. The use of the color navy is a nice contrast to help showcase their main three images, logos, and text.

The layout is simple and well balanced, making the information clearly seen.

Andrew F. Gillespie Tree Service, Landscape Design & Install


Here is another beautiful website that uses different shades of green to emphasize the company’s information -- contact info, location and the services provided. The use of green throughout the website also helps to tie in the theme of “bringing nature into your space.”

The main cascading images are cleverly shaped, leading you to scroll down the page to read more detailed descriptions of their services.

Groff Landscape Design


Groff Landscape Design’s website uses a simple layout and navigation menu to emphasize their “low stress” theme. To further highlight the “low stress” theme, the cascading high resolution images and colors give a relaxed feeling to the people looking at the site.

The arrow naturally leads you down the page to watch their video of clients who’ve used their services. Once you’ve watched the video, there is contact information at the bottom, encouraging you to call for more information.

Dunner’s Lawn Service


The first thing to jump out at you when you visit Dunner’s Lawn Service’s website is their “100% Service Guarantee” promise. With this claim, they are positioning themselves as a leader among their competitors and the statement also gives you a reason to want to call them.

The arrows prompt you to scroll further down the page to give you more detailed information about their services. It is also important to note, they have a “Contact Us” button throughout each section, encouraging you to inquire more about their services.

Oriole Landscaping


Oriole Landscapings’ website cleverly uses images of landscaping materials (hardwood flooring and bricks) to create a border for their page. The prominent use of brown and green colors throughout website helps to create a comfortable earthy feeling.

The green button on the main image persuades you to look at their landscaping portfolio. There is also a call to action on their navigation menu to contact them by telephone or online form.

Campbell & Ferrara Outdoor Living


The first thing to catch your eyes once you land on Campbell Ferrara’s website is their 72 year anniversary logo. The logo helps to highlight the longevity and success of the company.

Another thing that catches your eye is their “Request Landscape Consultation” button. It is placed evidently in green at the top of their page, along with their social media links and other contact info.

BWS Landscaping


BWS Landscaping’s website strongest selling point is their simplicity. Once you open their page, you know immediately they offer landscaping services. The simple and clean design places emphasis on their landscaping photos.

The dark background highlights their text descriptions, logo and phone number, making it easy for people to find the information right away.

Key Takeaways:

  • Include high quality images of your landscaping work to showcase as a portfolio on your website

  • Use colors to create themes or emotional triggers that you want your potential customers to feel when they visit your site

  • Ensure your contact information is easy to find

  • Highlight awards, customer testimonies, business anniversaries and special promotions

  • Have a prominent call-to-action: “Free Consultations,” “Request a Quote,” or “Schedule an Appointment”

Do you want to know how you can get more leads from your landscaping website? Be sure to check out this video to learn some great tips!