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2 Year Review: ECHO PAS-2620 Articulating Hedge Trimmer Revisited

By Tyler Guess from Clean Cut Lawn Care

Hey guys, Tyler here, and today I want to revisit my review of the ECHO PAS-2620 Articulating Hedge Trimmer, and see if anything's changed in the year since my original review.

So, what's the verdict one year on?


  • This year, I removed the guard to make it easier to sharpen the blades

  • The articulating arm is great for getting to all sorts of angles, as opposed to having to bend your body to try and fit!

  • Being able to add 3 more feet of length between base and attachment

  • It's been really reliable, and when the blades are sharp, this is an awesome hedge trimmer

  • If you're a solo operator, or just starting your business, buying a system like the PAS multi attachment is cheaper than buying multiple tools individually


  • Because the pole is longer, it's heavier, which can be harder if used over long stretches of time, though the time saved counters that

If you haven't tried the ECHO PAS-2620 or PAS system, I highly recommend you do so when you get a chance.

Tyler Guess
Clean Cut Lawn Care
2019 UAG Member

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