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3 Quick Tips on Mower Maintenance For the Fall

By Sean Spencer from Spencer's Lawn Care

With Fall well and truly upon us, it's a great time to think about mower maintenance and help your machine last a little bit longer.

Sure, you might still be mowing, depending on where you are, but these tips should help you whether you're slowing down for the year or still going strong.

As you can see from the video, I recommend three simple steps:

  • Keep the debris away from your mower deck (your leaf blower is super handy here)

  • Make sure you're checking your oil

  • Check your air filter regularly

While these are fairly simple tips, it's easy to forget even the simplest maintenance steps for your mower, especially when Fall kicks in.

I hope these tips help, and have a great Fall season!

Sean Spencer
Spencer's Lawn Care
UAG Member 2018
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What tips do you have when it comes to maintaining your mower? Share your advice in our forum, as well as discover more great content from landscaping and lawn care pros like you.