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5 Tips for Growing Your Lawn Care Business in the Off Season

By Shawn Spencer, Spencer's Lawn Care

When it comes to growing your lawn care business, the off season is the perfect time to plan for the weeks and months ahead.

Colder weather and snowfall isn’t a landscaper’s friend - but that’s okay, because while the weather stops us from working outside, it gives us plenty of time to be working on our business inside.

In this video, I share 5 tips on continuing to grow your business in the off-season, including using your social media accounts more, helping your SEO, and locking down your routes for the year.

Shawn Spencer, Spencer's Lawn Care
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What's up guys? Shawn here with Spencer's Lawn Care. Today I'm gonna have five quick tips to help you to continue to grow your lawn care business in these cold and winter months. My first tip for you guys is get out there and get on the commercial properties right now. Coming at the end of 2017 and going into 2018, commercial properties are looking for the future, and who they're gonna have maintain their landscaping and lawn care?

My second tip for you guys is to make sure all of your social media information and websites are up-to-date. Go on take a look - are your photos up-to-date? Do you have photos that are better looking to show more of the work you've done? If so, update those photos, and make sure you link with those photos so that you're keeping your SEO up. Also, make sure you're checking to make sure all of your current links on all of your social media pages are working.

My third tip for you guys is to take a look at your marketing - are you in the 21st century? The old newspaper ads just don't work anymore, guys - make sure you're up to date. I like to use Facebook direct ads, paid ads - they cost a little bit of money but they're affordable and you can markit directly to your area and which locations you're in. I've had very good success using these in my area. Also, Google My Business - make sure you're updating your Google My Business page. Uploading current photos and staying on top of these all help with your search engine optimization or your SEO.

My fourth tip for you is to consolidate your routes. Look at all of your routes - do you have lawns that are way off in the distance and you have no other accounts around them? They're just not profitable - you're actually losing money. Maybe you took them on with the dea of, “Hey, I'll get maybe a neighbor, or a couple neighbors, or a few other houses in that area and they're just, it's just a long drive to get there. It's not profitable, you're actually losing money by the time you get there and come back.

Alright guys, my fifth and final tip for you is to always look for other business opportunities and I'll give you a few options here.

  • House clean outs - don't be afraid to subcontract out work.

  • Landscaping snow removal. Also, don't be afraid to offer low impact snow removal if you don't have a big truck and a plow. You know, get yourself a snow blower or a snow shovel depending on where you're at in your business, and offer low impact snow removal. There are thousands of people out there that are looking for low-impact snow removal because they don't want a big pile on their cement driveway, they don't want salt on their cement driveway as that eats concrete as you guys know. You can use snow melt, you can use calcium chloride.

There are many options out there, guys, to continue bringing an income through the winter months to help continue your business growing.

So those are my five tips to help you continue growing your business in the winter months and, as always, keep mowing, keep growing, keep making money, boys, I'll talk to you later.