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5 Tips for Hiring the Best Employees For Your Landscaping Business

Good help is hard to find. The cliché might be tired but that doesn't make it any less true, especially in the landscaping industry.

Not only do landscaping business owners face the inherent challenges of hiring on a seasonal, short-term basis, employees must be willing and able to do hard physical labour in a variety of weather conditions.

Your employees should be insurable and bondable, utterly dependable and need to conduct themselves professionally at all times as representatives of you and your company.

As the landscape industry heads into peak season, we've got five great tips to help you hire the best talent for your business.

1. Spread the word - make use of all your networks

Attracting the largest pool of qualified candidates increases your odds of finding the best employees. Advertise widely using popular sites such as Indeed and Craigslist, but think outside the box as well.

Personal connections are often the best source of great staff, so be sure to let all your friends and family know your business is hiring.

Share your job posting to Facebook and your other social media profiles.

Contact workforce development and employment programs in your local area to connect with motivated job seekers who are actively looking for work.

2. Be specific - full disclosure is the rule of thumb

You've got a million things to do and little to zero time to spend screening and interviewing candidates who aren't suitable for the job.

Take the time at the outset to develop your job posting, carefully weighing the “make or break” factors that are most important in a potential hire.

Be specific in the position description about the physical demands of the job, and the number of hours required weekly.

If your employees need a valid driver's licence and clean driving record, and must be bondable, state that clearly in your ad.

"The best quality to look for in a candidate that I could suggest is this: hire attitude first, the rest comes second. I can teach anyone how to do almost anything, but they have to have the foundation of having the right attitude, and attitude means a teachable spirit, an upbeat enthusiastic positive "let's tackle the day" mentality. I can teach almost anyone anything, but attitude. That's an inside job."
- Brian Fullerton, Brian's Lawn Maintenance

3. Judge a book by its cover - yup, you heard that right!

First impressions matter. By all means, judge prospective hires by how they present themselves at the interview.

Are they punctual? If an applicant can't be bothered to show up on time for an interview, he or she likely won't prioritize being on time for client appointments either.

Are they dressed neatly and appropriately? Your employees are the face of your business and represent you when they're dealing with customers.

What kind of image does the applicant present about your company?

4. Ask the right questions - the more you know the better

Use the interview as an opportunity to dig a little deeper.

  • Why are they interested in the job?

  • Do they have a genuine interest in landscaping or are they just looking for short term work to get out of a jam?

Ask why they left their previous positions. Badmouthing prior employers and blaming past colleagues for problems at work are red flags that they might not make productive members of your team.

Do your due diligence and contact previous clients or employers for references, and conduct any necessary background and police records checks.

Your reputation is at stake and you can't afford to skip these important steps.

"Have a system in place for interviewing: Narrow down the lazy ones, off the bat on the initial phone call ask the prospect to send over a resume to which you'll review and email a day and time for the interview. They don't have a resume? Ok, ask them to write a little something about themselves and their experiences professionally, you'll get rid of 6/10 right there. Clients will ask us for as much information about us and our company to make sure we are where they'll spend their money, why shouldn't we as owners do the same?"
- Josh Currivan, Currivan Green Landscaping

5. Get your own Hiring Guru

No really, there is a platform designed specifically for business owners like you. Not just business owners, but landscape business owners.

LandscapingHiring.Guru is affordable, easy to use, and offers an all-in-one solution to handle every aspect of the hiring process for you. Your Guru saves you from wasting valuable time and stops you from hiring the wrong people by:

  • Placing the ad for you on Indeed, the world's biggest job board

  • Collecting applicants' résumés

  • Screening them for all the necessary requirements

  • Assigning them a FitScore™ that rates their likely fit for the job

  • Creating interview guides that will help you ask the right questions to hire the best people

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