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A Budget Alternative for Storing Your Lawn Care Tools

By Ma (Jaclyn) Lee from Dirty Deeds Lawn and Landscaping

Hi guys, Ma here from Dirty Deeds Lawn and Landscaping, and today I want to kick off a new series offering budget-friendly alternatives to some of the costs that can come with your lawn care or landscaping business.

Let's face it, it can be hard to put down a few thousand dollars on a mower, or a few hundred bucks on a blower. When it comes to storage for all that equipment, it can get even more expensive. But it doesn't need to.

For our storage, we use a couple of carports from Harbor Freight, that we picked up as specials. They're perfect for storing your equipment, and easy to transform into racks to hold your trimmers, push mowers, generators, etc.

Considering we picked them up for less than a couple hundred bucks, it's saved us some money that we can invest back in the business.

I hope this helps, guys, and let me know what you do to save money in your business.

Ma (Jaclyn) Lee
Dirty Deeds Lawn and Landscaping
UAG Member 2020
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