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A Guide to Retaining Wall and Geogrid Basics - Part 2

By Caleb Auman from Auman Landscape, LLC

Hi guys, in my earlier video, I talked about retaining wall basics, in particular the basing of the wall, and the base materials needed.

In this follow-up video, I want to share some more information, this time around with the wall we built for our "How to build retaining walls" training course.

With this particular wall, we have a few different examples of things going on.

  • We have sheet drainage installed

  • There's a swale cut in behind the wall

  • A row of block embedded below (6" minimum) to prevent the wall from pushing or sliding out, and avoid exposure to erosion

  • If you can't have a return wall, then you need to be looking at a sloped soil install instead, and make sure it's sloped enough

  • Using geogrid helps tie everything together into a cohesive unit

Well, I hope this helps, guys, and let me know anything you'd add.

Caleb Auman
Auman Landscape, LLC
UAG Member 2019
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