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A Quick Design Tool for Landscape Installations

By Mike Gunn from Gunn Landscaping

Hey there guys, and a Happy New Year! I hope everyone is rested and ready to go for the new season!

I wanted to share a quick tip about a really cool tool I discovered called Garden Puzzle, which is a really cool way to plan out your landscaping projects.

As you can see, Garden Puzzle has some really great features that not only help you plan, but let your client get an idea of what their garden is going to look like.

  • Multiple plants and shrubs, and other decorative options

  • Multi-season views, so you can see what it looks like each season

  • The option to upload your own property to get a proper feel for the project

  • Different lighting solutions

The price is really good as well, with a single license starting at just $19.

I have to admit, I've been really impressed with this software, and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Mike Gunn
Gunn Landscaping
UAG Member 2019
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Have you used Garden Puzzle, or similar? If so, how has it helped with your projects? Join our forum to share your thoughts or ask other pros for advice.