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A Quick Tip On Using a String Trimmer to Clean Up Edges

By Zach Peachy from JC Landscapes LLC

Note: this is an article from our EMB Contributor Program. If you'd like to contribute something to EMB, please get in touch!

Hi guys, Zach here from JC Landscapes, and today I want to share a quick edging tip that we use when out on our properties.

This is something we do when we've used a machine edger, and we want to get a more defined edge for better-looking results.

Once I've done the main edging, I like to go along the edges with a string trimmer, just to give it a nice crisp edge as the new season kicks in.

I hope this helps, guys, and let me know what you do when it comes to edging work.

Zach Peachy
JC Landscapes LLC
ECHO Means Business Contributor
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