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A Quick Tip to Help Preserve Your Mower Deck

By Jordan Yoder from JC Landscapes LLC

Hi guys, Jordan here from JC Landscapes, and today I wanted to share a really quick tip to help you preserve your mower deck, make it last longer, and work better.

This is particularly true on big properties, like the one in the video, but is also useful if you’re doing a lot of smaller ones.

As you can see in the video, there are some easy steps to take to make your mower deck last longer:

  • Engage your blades at low throttle

  • This saves wear on the belts and pulleys on your deck

You can see how much less strain there is with the throttle down.

Well, I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know how you preserve your mower deck.

Jordan Yoder
JC Landscapes LLC
UAG Member 2020
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