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Adding Fall Services to Your Lawn Care Business

By Brad Behr from Copper Creek Cuts

Fall has taken hold of nearly every part of the country, and that can mean many things. For those that make a living cutting grass, however, it can carry some unwelcome realizations.

In addition to the obvious issue of reduced income, fall can come early some years, making a difficult situation that much harder to deal with. If your main source of income stops when the grass fails to grow, what can you do?

The easiest option is to expand your services to items that are not dependent on warm temperatures. Obvious candidates that have relatively low barriers to entry are irrigation, pressure washing, and snow clearing.

Additionally, there may be core competencies in your lawn care/landscape business that can be performed year round, such as brush clearing, wood cutting, bed redesign, or any other number of choices.

Whatever extra services you add, however, the most important thing to do is let your customers know what services you offer.

Even if you have told them before, don't assume they remember. A great mowing client may have damaged irrigation, neglected beds, or a stained driveway.

Unless you let your client know you can address those issues for them, they may never even think about you handling them!

Leaving this process to chance, however, is a sure fire way to miss out on money. So take a day to develop a process that fits your business. It can be as simple as a Google Calendar reminder to take 5 minutes on the last cut of the season to walk the property and take note of deficiencies.

Then, when you're back at the office, take another few minutes to draft an estimate with each of those items and send it to your client, letting them know that during the winter months you would have time to address the issues noted to keep their property in tip top shape.

If you expand your services, let your clients know, and implement a repeatable process. You can be sure that instead of no mowing means no money, you can say no mowing is no problem!

Brad Behr
Copper Creek Cuts
UAG Member 2018

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