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An Overview of the ECHO CSG-7410 Cut-Off Saw

By Caleb Auman from Auman Landscape, LLC

As a long-time user of the Husqvarna K760 Power Cutter, I was interested in seeing how the ECHO CSG-7410 Cut-Off Saw compared.

In this video, put it through its paces and share what I do and don’t like about it.

So, my takeaways from the ECHO CSG-7410 after using it on a commercial project with a bunch of asphalt?


  • Compact and lightweight, which I like

  • The water system for wet cutting is cool

  • The big arbor bolt is good for easily swapping blades out

  • The killswitch works perfectly

  • A 4-stage air cleaner on the filter

  • The sight feature is cool

  • The shield release is easy to use (when you pull it the right way!)


  • The choke feels kinda flimsy

  • While the sight feature is cool, it’s not fixed, so it will wiggle around in use

  • The shield isn’t loose all the time, so it can be hard to adapt to different cutting needs

  • The fuel tank seems a bit small for it, and leads to more refueling

  • I wish it had a place to store your repair tools on it, like the Husqvarna does

  • The chassis is a little shorter than I’m used to, but that’s just me

Overall, the ECHO CSG-7410 cut-off saw is a good saw, without jumping out the box as being great. For their first attempt at this kind of product, though, ECHO have done a pretty good job.

Caleb Auman
Auman Landscape, LLC
UAG Member 2019
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