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Are YouTube Reviewers Sellouts?

By Brian Shain of Top Notch Lawn Care

How blinded are we by brand loyalty? Do we close our eyes to new products or opportunities that may very well help our businesses grow? To provide a better service to our customers? To offer better tools to our staff?

It’s an interesting question as more of us line up behind one brand or another and draw that line in the sand. Moreover, there’s a growing distrust of anyone who does a review – positive or negative – for a product received by a green brand. Are we sellouts for trying new products and having honest opinions? For keeping our eyes – and opportunities - open?

I will never tell you to buy an ECHO. I will never tell you to buy a DeWalt. I will never tell you to buy a Stihl. I'm not going to tell you to buy ISOtunes. Or a Scott’s. A Bluebird. Ryan. Toro. Walker. Exmark.

And I will never tell you to buy a Scag.

So I will never tell you what brand to buy. The fact is, most companies use a number of different brands to get the job done.

Recently, I've been accepted into the UAG program through ECHO USA. Some are going to call me a sellout, or even a traitor.

What I'm really doing is keeping an open mind. I'm exploring new opportunities.

If you're not looking to better yourself or your company you're losing the game. I'm very fortunate enough to have companies that would like to work with me. I'm also fortunate enough to accept products for review that will ultimately help my business.

I would be foolish not to accept this great opportunity. At the end of the day, using what I've built to better Top-Notch Lawn Care is my number one responsibility.

By Brian Shain
Top Notch Lawn Care