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As part of the ECHO UAG community we decided to ask some of our experts about what is craziest thing their customer asked them to do in their landscaping business. Here is what two of our expert members had to say.

Brian Fullerton – Brian’s Lawn Care

With the funny stuff that normally happens on the road, it's always from us. Whether it's a challenge, whether it's to go do something wacky while we're doing work. Hopefully not get caught, but we do the six saltine crackers in a minute challenge. We'll try to chug a bottle of water in so many seconds. Just silly stuff, but not only does it keep me entertained, it keeps the guys that I'm working with because they're younger, I have to keep their attention span. We're doing a lot of work sometimes. Sometimes you can have a 10 or 12 hour day, you gotta break it up. You can't just be business, business, business because everybody gets burned out.

Even me after 10 years, I have no problem with us taking a quick minute doing something fun and incorporating that through the day to keep everybody moving. Yeah.

Keith Kalfas – Landscaping Employee Trap

A very wealthy client, he was a billionaire. He asked me and my workers to move about $30,000 in patio furniture from a floating patio. We had to carry it across the roof of this mansion and set it up inside of the garage because the weather was getting cold and at the same time he was having this new 80 inch plasma TV so he could just sit and smoke cigars with his buddies by the Ferrari and Bentley and all this stuff. I'm like, "It took us this long. $100." He talked me down. Haggled me. I believe we created a lot of value and I felt disrespected so I quit him as a client because we're not furniture movers. We're landscapers.

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