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As part of the ECHO UAG community we decided to ask some of our experts about what is craziest thing their customer asked them to do in their landscaping business. Here is what four of our expert members had to say.

Johny Crooks – Blades Of Grass Lawn Care

Well, we get a lot of requests from elderly folks, and it's "Can you change my light bulb? Can you come in real quick and change my air filter?" I even had a lady ask me, she says, "Do you guys clean carpet? I have the machine. Can you guys come in and do it for me?" Yeah. Hell, we get a lot of requests.

Jimmy Massey – Massey Landscaping Services

Crawl in an attic, to crawl in a crawlspace, to fish out some stinky, awkward smell of maybe a dead rodent of some sort.

Stan Genadek – Dirt Monkey University

The crazy chipmunk lady. She literally stood in front of me crying because she insisted that I capture all the chipmunks on her property, even though I was installing a brand new driveway, I was redoing her entire landscape, I had to capture all of the chipmunks and relocate them across the border. I just remember the crazy chipmunk lady.

Delbert Powell – Del’s Lawn Care

I wore a Superman outfit, and I mowed an entire customer's lawn. It's on YouTube.

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