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Dealing with Lawn Care Customers with Pets

As the owner of a lawn-care business, cultivating green, healthy lawns for loyal clients is a top priority. But this can be a tough proposition when the clients whose homes you service also own pets.

Lawns belonging to pet owners pose unique challenges, and care should be taken to address them properly. To most people, a pet is a member of the family, loved and cherished.

This means you must take care to use only pet-safe products when treating these lawns; it also means helping to educate clients on best practices regarding pet behavior and lawn maintenance.

What Your Clients Need to Know

One of the first questions most pet-owners ask when contacting a lawn-care service is whether natural, pet-safe products are used. If you intend to service families with pets, you'll need to ensure that all chemicals, turf-builder, seeds and more are harmless to animals.

You may need to make adjustments in treatment schedules as well, in order to treat lawns during times when pets can be kept off them for short periods of time. For these reasons, you may need to charge premium maintenance fees to help offset the costs of special care.

What You Need to Know

Just as it's important for your clients to have necessary information, it's also vital that you understand what to expect when walking onto their properties.

You can take the guesswork out of first visits by requiring the completion of a simple questionnaire by everyone who contracts with you for lawn care service:

  • Are there pets on the property? How many? What type?

  • Will pet waste removal be a part of the contracted service?

  • Do any pets have known illnesses or allergies?

It's also recommended that you require clients to bring pets indoors before you arrive on site and to keep them inside until after you've finished. This helps protect you and your team from unnecessary encounters with over-protective pets, and may also provide the time needed for chemicals to dry or to seep into the ground before the pet uses the lawn again.

Why Full Disclosure Is Best

While servicing pet owners is typically a bit more involved, there's no good reason why you should avoid contracting with clients who own pets.

The key to cultivating a relationship that's conducive to both you and your client is full disclosure. Make sure pet owners know what you expect from your clients, and make sure you understand exactly what services they're requesting and whether any special accommodations are needed.

By being up front and having a transparent business policy, you, and the pet owners whose lawns you service, can have a mutually profitable arrangement that results in lush, green lawns and happy, healthy pets.

How do you manage clients with pets? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for ideas.