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Dealing With Stress When Running a Business

By Bryant Manzo from Manzo Lawn Service, LLC

Running a business can be a stressful thing. Now, add in running a lawn/landscape business where you are the owner, the operator, the bookkeeper, the customer service rep taking calls and booking estimates, and also the maintenance man for all the equipment in your fleet.

That is a lot of hats to wear as a business owner!

But let's not stop there - if that wasn't enough, some even have a second job while running their own business and have a family, so you can imagine that stress could jump through the roof.

Dealing with that stress can be challenging. I know, as I have a family, I have a second job, and I run my own lawn care business.

Sometimes I feel awful because I don't spend a lot of time with my family, or even get a chance to see my two sons because I'm always working.

I miss those baby milestones like their first crawl, or their first wobbly walk. What I do in these cases is remember though I do this for them - I work hard so they don't have to go through what I went through before.

I'm lucky to have a wife that supports me, and who is my motivation to keep me moving forward towards my goals.

So, I guess my advice is this: find YOUR motivation, and remember the reason for starting your business in the first place.

Take a little break or a vacation if you need to, so you can relieve a bit of that stress. Whatever you do, try your best to spend time with your family because at the end of the day life is nothing but stress.

It's how we manage it that makes us push through it.

Bryant Manzo
Manzo Lawn Service, LLC
UAG Member 2018

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