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Do I Need Business General Liability Insurance?

By Bryant Manzo from Manzo Lawn Service, LLC

When you first start your business, or are thinking about starting one, there are many questions to consider.

Do you go all in and start full-time, or start slowly as a part-time professional, and build your business up?

Do you buy new or used equipment? Do you offer just one service, or many?

All valid questions, all with different answers based on your current circumstances.

However, one of the questions that may not come up, or you don't think of, is that of business and general liability insurance.

In this video, I share my own early early experiences, and why I think it's crucial for you to have.

While you might not think you need it, here's why I firmly believe you do.

  • We work with heavy and dangerous machinery. It can be really expensive to pay for any accidents that happen if you're not covered.

  • Assets are also expensive to repair or replace, which insurance can cover and take the stress out of repairing/replacing.

  • You can start out just covering you and your business, and then upgrade to equipment for theft and damage.

I hope this video helps in your decision, and here's to a great season and a safe business!

Bryant Manzo
Manzo Lawn Service, LLC
UAG Member 2018

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