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Don't Be Scared to Use Positive Debt for Your Lawn Care Business

By Josh Currivan from Currivan Green Company

One of the things I either hear a lot about, or see a lot of videos on YouTube, is the fear of debt when it comes to running your lawn care or landscape business.

And while it's true that you can let things run away from you if you're not careful, I want to talk to you today on why positive debt is something you shouldn't be scared of, and should be using for your lawn care or landscaping business.

So how do you take advantage of positive debt, and take the leap you need to really grow your business even more?

  • If you have recurring revenue, look at how you can turn that into a financing deal

  • This will essentially take someone else's money to allow you to make money with your business (just make sure you're good with the terms of the lender you use)

  • Check out the 0% deals your dealer may have, add your running costs onto the payments, and see if this makes sense for you economically to take advantage of

Basically, if your equipment is making you money, and you're able to include finance repayments into your outgoing costs, this is positive debt, and it can make a big difference when it comes to getting you the equipment you need.

Well, I hope that helps, guys, and I'd love to hear how you manage your revenue, and making it work for your business.

Josh Currivan
Currivan Green Company
UAG Member 2019
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