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Don't Make Your Customers Settle for Just Good Enough

By Brent Catterson from Katter Kuts

In our business, trust is key when it comes to repeat business and referrals. Trust in our work; trust in our team; trust in doing what we say we will.

It's how we turn satisfied customers into great customers, and build a route that keeps paying us back in repeat work and revenue.

Too often, though, I see some companies settle for delivering a "good enough" experience. As long as the customer doesn't complain, it's good enough, right?


That's the quickest way to run your business down. Sure, customers might accept it (for now), but when someone comes along that offers more than just good enough, that customer will soon jump ship.

In this short video, I use an example that happened to me recently where something was good enough (I guess), but not what I paid for, and what that means for the business in question.

Brent Catterson
Katter Kuts
2018 UAG Member

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