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ECHO PAS Speed-Feed vs STIHL KM 91 R Trimmer Attachment Comparison - #UAGCompare 

By Chris Drumheller from New Creations Landscape Services

Hey everyone, Chris Drumheller from New Creations Landscape Services, or you may know me as Diggin’ with Drummy. In this video, I review and compare both ECHO PAS Speed-Feed and the STIHL KM 91 R trimmer attachments. You will see me trial both trimmer attachment and go through the cons and pros of both products and ultimately deciding which one is meant for green pros.

Trimmer attachments are a must have tool for all landscapers in the industry, giving you the ability to tackle a range of outdoor tasks without depending on a pile of different tools.

I go into further comparison of:

  • Performance of both products in different conditions (hedges, high grass)

  • The attachments mechanisms each product

  • The power of each product (live demo!)

Find out which product is best for pros in the industry!

Which one would you choose ECHO or STIHL? Is there another brand you would recommend? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.

Stay tuned for more episodes in the UAG Product Comparison Series! #UAGCOMPARE

ECHO supplied my chosen products for trial, and asked me to provide honest and unbiased feedback on my experiences using these products.

Chris Drumheller
New Creations Landscape Services
UAG Member 2020
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