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ECHO vs STIHL Hedge Trimmers - Which one is better? #UAGCompare

By Jacob Moreno from Moreno Landscaping and Maintenance

Hey guys, Jacob Moreno of Moreno Landscaping and Maintenance here and today I want to do a comparison on ECHO HC-2810 hedge trimmer versus the STIHL HS82T hedge trimmer.

Hedge Trimmers are great for upselling your services for landscaping jobs.

In this video I’ve gone ahead and compared ECHO vs STIHL hedge trimmer to understand which one is better. We’ll look at:

  • How each trimmer performs with thicker and thinner stems (live demo)

  • The noise, speed and thickness of the blades

  • The filter, the muffler and the spark plug

  • Weight of each product and effectiveness in the field

If you watch this video, you’ll know exactly which hedge trimmer would be the best for you as a green pro!

Are there any other brands that you think are even better than ECHO vs STIHL for Hedge Trimmers? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.

Stay tuned for more episodes in the UAG Product Comparison Series! #UAGCOMPARE

ECHO supplied my chosen products for trial, and asked me to provide honest and unbiased feedback on my experiences using the products

Jacob Moreno
Moreno Landscaping and Maintenance
2020 UAG Member
Instagram | YouTube