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Eight Key Reasons to Use a Stand On Mower Vs a Zero Turn Mower

There are many reasons why you might choose a stand on mower, just as there are many reasons why you might choose a zero turn mower.

In this video, Naylor Taliaferro shares eight key reasons why he prefers a stand on mower over the zero turn.

Some quick recaps:

  • Stand on mowers have a smaller footprint, for easier access as well as storage

  • Full 360-degree vision, offering more visibility

  • Easy to get on and off, adding to the safety factor as well as convenience

  • There are many shapes and varieties to choose from, as opposed to the standard zero turn

  • Easier to avoid obstacles and constructions

  • Better sense of gravity when on slopes to counterbalance the mower direction

  • Extremely versatile - try using a backpack blower when on a standon as an example!

  • Potential aches and pains are reduced with a stand on, due to the way your body weight is distributed.

While zero turn mowers are great and a lot of people have a preference for them, the benefits of a stand on are clear from this video.

What about you - do you prefer stand on mowers or zero turn? Share your thoughts in our forum, and hear from other pros like you.