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From Pro User to All Star – You’re Going to the Ball Game, Ron!


Earlier this year, ECHO sponsored a sweepstake, which allowed members of the ECHOMeansBusiness.com community the opportunity to win daily and monthly prizes for reading or sharing business and product information with professional users of outdoor power equipment.

One lucky member had the chance to win the grand prize of a trip for two to the 2018 MLB All Star Game in Washington.

After a fantastic amount of activity, we’re happy to announce our grand winner – Ron Coleman of Greenscapes, OH!

Not only that, but Joe and Vince Coia from Ron’s dealer Coia Implement will also be receiving a pair of tickets to the game – how’s that for a home run?

As you can see by the photos, Ron (on the right), Joe, and Vince are already getting into the swing of things – we’re glad you’re excited, guys, and congratulations to all the other weekly and monthly prize winners.

See you on the field in 2018!

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