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Generation Z: Young Lawn Care Professionals Taking Over

By Wally Wood from Beach River Landscapes

A quick walk around the GIE show this year proves that Generation Z might very well be taking over the lawn care industry! What may have always been a hobby or a part time job for young men and women under the age 18 years is now a hive of young entrepreneur looking to clean up their neighborhoods while earning top dollar!

Wally Wood of Beach River Landscapes, shot this series of interviews featuring a group of these young entrepreneurs, some of which started their businesses at 8 years old! Check out the video below, featuring Generation Z entrepreneurs including Austyn (14) from Lucky Landscaping, Brandon (16) from Brandon's Lawn Care, Mathias (12) from Lawn Lobster Landscaping, Evan (14) from Clean Cute Lawn Care, and Hartman (19) from Tiger Lawn Care. (Full transcript below)


Wally Wood: Hey guys what's up I'm Wally with Beach River Landscapes. We have Austyn with Lucky Landscapes and what we’re doing is something that we have dubbed; my wife has dubbed "Millennials Move Over." The concept of this is something that has just inspired me. We've been landscape owners for years. I'm not in my teens. I'm in my 40's. Were from an era where we worked and there was no such thing as just sitting on a phone all day and not doing anything, which seems to be a systemic issue going on today. Long story short; coming across young guys; cause I can't even call them kids. The mentality of these young guys that are in their tens supersedes the mentality that is see in 30 and 40 year olds that I see in the landscaping industry in particular lately. We have Austyn here and Austyn I want them to tell you; I want you to tell everybody how old you are, the name of your business, how many clients you have and what inspired you to get into landscaping.

Austyn: I'm currently 14, and I'm the owner of Lucky Landscaping. I have about 10 weekly clients and specialize mainly in landscape design. We do a lot of landscape design and landscaping houses and construction landscaping.

Wally Wood: Nice and how long have you been in business.

Austyn: Since I was 8 so about 6 years.

Wally Wood: 6 years in business.

Austyn: Yeah.

Wally Wood: And you're not even old enough to drive yet.

Austyn: Never.

Wally Wood: Okay but you have guys that work for you.

Austyn: Yes.

Wally Wood: And you own your own landscape business.

Austyn: Yes.

Wally Wood: What inspired you to not only just landscape but to do your own entrepreneurial thing?

Austyn: It was more I wanted to make some money so I decided something I can do was to start mowing lawns. And I just started mowing lawns and built up a business from there and now we specialize in landscape design. So I just worked my way up.

Wally Wood: That's awesome. And obviously I'm a parent and it doesn't always necessarily have to do with having good parents but because you know my particular case but you know I'm where I'm at not really having that support system. So there's opposite ends of the spectrum. How have your parents been? Have they been supportive through everything?

Austyn: Yeah they've been supportive of everything. I mean my display team brought me up to Kentucky to go to the GIE expo. They're very supportive of my business.

Wally Wood: That's just awesome. So do you plan on staying in landscape?

Austyn: Yes.

Wally Wood: That's awesome man. Well thank you for the interview.

Austyn: You're welcome.

Wally Wood: Guys this is just one of many ... many situations that I'm running across. At the end of the day this is if anything gives you an example no reason to have an excuse to not get of your butt and go to work I'm mean he's 14 and he has his own employees and his own landscape business.

Wally Wood: Let everyone know what your YouTube channel is and your Instagram page is because I'm sure after this a lot of people are gonna want to check you out.

Austyn: So you can check my YouTube out at LuckyLandscaping on YouTube and then Instagram Lucky LandscapingLLC.

Wally Wood: Awesome thanks Austyn.

Austyn: Yeah it’s nice to meet you.


Wally Wood: Hey guys what's up. This is Wally from beach River Landscapes. Part of our Millennials Move Over. I want to introduce you to Brandon. Brandon's Lawn Care. Brandon, you wanna introduce yourself? And your awesome dad.

Brandon: Well this is Mike, my dad. We've been doing lawn care for 5 years. It started in the back of a minivan with an electric trimmer and a junk push mower. First started with a [00:03:55]that was in my elementary school that she wanted me to start mowing her lawn. I took care of that for approximately a year or two and now were up to 52 accounts and commercial, residential this is our second year for doing snow plowing. Two trucks.

Wally Wood: That's just unreal. How old are you?

Brandon: 16.

Wally Wood: That's just unbelievable. So what got you inspired particularly to get into landscaping.

Brandon: Well I've liked mowing grass since I was ... since I could walk. I'd ride on my dad’s back when I was little and we would mow our lawn ...

Wally Wood: This guy.

Brandon: Yep.

Wally Wood: Got it.

Brandon: And watching YouTube too. Watching al you guys do it and in the winter time it’s getting pumped up ready for the next season ...

Wally Wood: So like I was talking to Austyn about ... We mentioned it definitely helps when you have a support system.

Brandon: Yeah.

Wally Wood: So you know even though he's on the spot right now how has your dad been during this whole thing you know beginning to end whatever. You brought the idea to him or whatever point it was I mean what was the reaction ...

Brandon: Very supportive. Wanting to help me in any way he can. We'd go out and mow on the weekdays evenings when I’d get out of school. I’d have to wait till he got off work at 5. Sometimes he wouldn't get home till 6, 7 o'clock. We'd go out and do what we do. We'd go out Saturday and Sunday usually all day.

Wally Wood: I gotta shake dads hands for that one right there. So you know like I explained ... you can be on opposite ends of the spectrum but nobody can argue if you do have a support system you can go even further even faster.

Brandon: Yeah.

Wally Wood: With me ... being where I'm at I'm like if I had this kind of support system and this mentality is the biggest thing you know ... the biggest thing. Having a mentality at an age where most people are just sitting down and playing video games and their gonna wait till their 30 to figure out what their gonna do I mean puts you so far ahead of the curve that ... people can tell you that but you'll understand what that means once you're there so. I just think it's really inspiring to see young guys like I said I can't even use the word kids because you don't have the mentality of a child or a kid. You don't even have the mentality of a teenager. You guys are exceptional.

This whole Millennial thing. Its universally just blown out. It’s hard to watch somebody who’s not a millennial to see what's going on. To see guys with your mentality at what just technically happens to be your age is just inspiring to me so thank you guys for letting me talk to you. We gotta thank dad over here so ... you guys just keep doing what you're doing and we appreciate it. Thank you. Alright guys take care.


Wally Wood: Hey guys what's up this is Wally with Beach River Landscapes and we have Mathias with us and this is part of our "Millennials Move Over" segment that were doing. And again its just me being blown away and actually the reversal inspired by these guys, which again I can't call kids because the mentality is that of somebody well into their knowing what to do's. So I want you to tell everybody your name again. Tell them the name of your business.

Mathias: I'm Mathias and I own Lawn Lobster Landscaping.

Wally Wood: And you are 12 years old.

Mathias: Yes

Wally Wood: And currently how many residential ... or ... what do you do?

Mathias: I have 7 ... about 5 weekly and 2 bi-weekly's

Wally Wood: That's awesome. So you're 12 years old. And not only that because I can't even fathom just being 12 and having that mentality. Wanting to do lawns. What was the first thing that made you go ... I wanna go cut a lawn.

Mathias: Well I just helped my dad with the lawn a lot and my family owns a floral shop and I don't know I ...

Wally Wood: So you're just around it all the time...

Mathias: My dad bought me a real mower and that's where it all started.

Wally Wood: That is awesome. So do you plan on sticking with this or just... or you're not sure yet ... or you like the idea of like being your own boss?

Mathias: Yes I do like the idea of being my own boss. I'll probably stay with it for a long time.

Wally Wood: So you're about to turn 13.

Mathias: I'll be 13 this month.

Wally Wood: Now most of the things you cover are they ... like in your neighborhood?

Mathias: I just drive my tractor down.

Wally Wood: You drive your tractor down. That incredible. What state do you live in?

Mathias: I live in Ohio. Cincinnati.

Wally Wood: Cincinnati Ohio I've been there. I love Cincinnati. So you do your own stuff you have your own business. Did it start with family? Friends’ houses?

Mathias: It started with friends’ houses. And then the rest was just word of mouth. Then I started making flyers.

Wally Wood: Well I'm blown away at it just by the whole concept of you. So how is the support system. Some people go like you're 12 almost 13. You got a young man mentality but one thing that happens is that some people have support and some people don't. They figure it out on their own or they're lucky enough to have support. So how are your parents with this whole thing.

Mathias: They're very supportive. They don't really help me buying stuff because I can support me with that.

Wally Wood: So just one more question like has anything inspired you?

Mathias: Definitely the YouTubers. You, everybody.

Wally Wood: Oh that's awesome. All Awesome guys. And there’s a lot of information to learn in it. Me myself I didn't even check out landscaping YouTube until like 2 years ago. So it’s just a whole new world so you are already privy to all of ... you are getting so much information from all of these channels and all these guys with experience. With the fact you're as young as you are and you're able to capture it and manifest it into something real. And tangible is something that the only thing is you're not able ...obviously you do know it’s something significant later down the road. So the fact that you're able to do that. Like I'm in my 40s and like you actually inspire me ... so to like see somebody your age ... like inspires me. It makes me wish I could go back and redo everything as a kid so.

Let everybody know if you have a YouTube channel or an Instagram channel, Twitter whatever you got.

Mathias: My YouTube is MufasaMoes and my Instagram is Mufasa_da_lion12.

Wally Wood: That's like the best. That's the best name ever. Thank you I really appreciate it

Mathias: Thank you.

Wally Wood: Alright guys take it easy.


Wally Wood: So we have Evan Diaz. And Evan I them to ... I want you to tell everybody how old you are and the name of your business.

Evan: Well I'm 14 years old and I own Clean Cut Lawn Care.

Wally Wood: It’s unreal. I've already said a few times before. And I mean this individually of each person. You yourself, I actually follow his Instagram. Its inspiring to watch these guys and it’s just unreal to me. It’s the same question but it’s always gonna be a different answer from everybody so. You're 14 years old, you have your own landscape business. What inspired you to start your own business at 14 years old?

Evan: Well I've seen my dad back when I was about 5 years old. He was cutting our own yard and I just went out there and I wanted to try it and then just a few years ago I decided "hey I like this" why not just start a business out of it and went from there. Now I have 2 commercial mowers, and old commercial equipment so its going really well.

Wally Wood: That just blows my mind man. So how many residential how many commercials?

Evan: 14.

Wally Wood: 14 a week.

Evan: Yep.

Wally Wood: Your 14.

Evan: Yes.

Wally Wood: Now is this stuff that's all next door?

Evan: No this is well... it’s all in one neighborhood.

Wally Wood: In one neighborhood.

Evan: One subdivision. Two sides.

Wally Wood: That seems to be ... you know especially since you can't drive yourself around ...

Evan: Right.

Wally Wood: And all that stuff. That's definitely the thing.

You guys are taking this to a whole new level. Other than Ill cut your lawn for 5 bucks you know so I can go like blow money on a cheeseburger. So you guys are definitely taking this to a level that. Cause I actually when I was in my teens I actually borrowed a friends' lawnmower and I went around one day. Just one day and made like 40 bucks and I cut like 20 lawns it was ridiculous. I charged like 5 dollars apiece. And I thought I was awesome. I thought that was like yeah you know what I mean. So now I feel like I was a joke I'm like looking at you guys 12, 14 and 16 and you guys you have commercial landscape equipment. You're doing commercial accounts; you have weekly accounts and you're only 14 years old.

Is this something that you plan on sticking with at this point? You never ... an advice you never make permanent decisions when you're 14 years old. Is this something you see yourself doing at least for a little while longer?

Evan: Yes probably up until college ... that would be ... what I plan on doing is sticking with it

Wally Wood: Awesome. Obviously if you keep going at the rate you're going I will tell you that you will selling the landscape business and probably paying for your college and making your parents so happy by the time you move out. You have college you know and 4 or 5 more years. What you can do in 4 or 5 years you'll see its just insane. How long have you been in business?

Evan: 4 years.

Wally Wood: 4 years. So another question I have is support system.

Evan: Yes.

Wally Wood: To me its looks like it. It seems. And who was that I met?

Evan: That was my dad.

Wally Wood: That is your dad. Alright. He's such an awesome guy. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So how has your dad been through this whole thing and he's probably gonna watch this but say whatever you want.

Evan: My whole family has been really supportive of me. They've helped me with a lot of things as investing in my business. Growing to a level that it is today.

Wally Wood: You know some of us have never had that so to see that and to see ... the thing is you can have the greatest parents in the world but if it doesn't stick. You know it doesn't stick. So the fact that you guys have this absorbent like mentality. You can say I'm gonna take this advice and I'm going to be different them most every other kid around me and I'm gonna actually take it and I'm gonna do something. Like I explained to a couple guys you can sit back and play games ... and still do that you gotta enjoy being a kid. You have to enjoy being young. But having this mentality is gonna do so much more than even now it's gonna do. So having a support system an awesome dad awesome parents doing this. That's a huge plus. For us it inspires us. You guys inspire us. I've said that to each one of you cause I mean it. It's inspiring to watch this. This is the stuff that makes us want to go back in time and just redo so much stuff. SO Evan thank you guys I want you to tell everybody your YouTube Channel Instagram Twitter all that.

Evan: Yes you can subscribe to me on YouTube cleancutslawncare. I have an Instagram its Clean_Cuts_Lawns. Snapchat as well. Snapchats on my Instagram so go there then you can check me out there too.

Wally Wood: That's the advantage. The younger guys kick my butt at Snapchat. I'm horrible at Snapchat. Thanks, I appreciate it. Alright guys take it easy.

Hey Guys what's up this is Wally with Beach River Landscapes and we are here for anther Millennials Move Over deal. So here we have another inspirational really big mind blowing scenario. This is Hartman. Hartman I want you to tell everybody the name of your business you know and what kind of business you run.


Hartman: Alright so I'm Hartman as Wally said and I own Tiger Lawn Care in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I do mostly maintenance or lawn mowing. Low grade commercial high grade residential and we ... we’re trying to get into outdoor patios and hardscaping and all that. We do a little bit of installs mostly mulch and pine straw. That's kind of what I do.

Wally Wood: Alright so how many ... size wise ... you're 19 years old. So you've got a couple years on 12, 14 ...

Hartman: Yeah.

Wally Wood: So size wise how many guys do you have that help you out or work for you.

Hartman: So I'm in college I’ll be attending LSU next year for the landscape architecture school. Their number one in the country actually for undergrad. I have 12-20 employees. They're all my friends in college. Were in college so they're not all reliable so I have to ...

Wally Wood: Hence, the inspiration from my part coming from you yeah.

Hartman: So I have to rely on multiple people to show up. They kind of work with their class schedules when they can. They're all working for a little extra money here and there. Its just fluctuates.

Wally Wood: That just crazy man. 12 guys. There are people that are gonna hear this and go there's no way this dudes 19 and he had the capacity of work that requires 12 people to come to work. So how much commercial and residential do you do that this point?

Hartman: So commercial we only have 2 to 3 accounts.

Wally Wood: It’s not only. There are still guys that don't even have one.

Hartman: Okay we have 2 or 3 accounts right now. One being my uncle he actually was the first commercial account we got. He's just got a small office and we just maintain that. On top of that we do high end residential and Island road in Baton Rouge. I try not to go super far from home and what not.

Wally Wood: Smart.

Hartman: Right now were trying to stay in certain neighborhoods and have less drive time around town saving money obviously getting down on the trailer and everything.

Wally actually got me started with social media when I went in for my business. I found him Keith Kalfis. Keith was talking about landscape trailers enclosed. I was looking at an enclosed trailers. I still haven't gotten an enclosed trailer but I was looking at enclosed trailers and I saw Wally’s' enclosed trailer setup and what not.

Wally Wood: One thing at a time man. The fact that you're where you're at 19 is insane. The fact that you're already going I need more stuff or I need something different. You know like keeping an objective point of view and that the thing you bring up with all the guys that are on YouTube. You're the most powerful part I think of it is information. Like I've said before you guys have it. We didn't have it. Actually none of this dude there wasn't even YouTube when I was 19. I didn't have a cell ... there was none of that. The fact that there is all of this information that's out there and guys like you have the mentality and like I said I can't even call you guys kids you know you're young men. You have then mentality of a young man so being able to absorb all this information and making a very calculated decision and actually going and doing the leg work. I mean mind blowing and I'm sure a lot of people are gonna agree just doesn't do it justice.

What got you inspired in the first place to even want to get off the couch or to instead of going to the beach?

Hartman: I've always [inaudible 00:18:51] from working really hard in the yard.

Wally Wood: It’s like ... I feel the passion. It’s obvious you have a passion for it. This guy’s logo set up. Like the detail it needs like I actually watch his ... I follow his Instagram too. As somebody who likes to do graphics ... I like to do graphics and all that stuff we do our own thing but just seeing ... for me it’s like a whole ... you know my mom always said you eat with your eyes first. Seeing the detail that you put in that I'm like god only knows the detail ... like I'm OCD when it comes to landscape and lawn maintenance so I can see that literally through your logo process. So now as far as a support system I actually got to meet your dad and what an awesome guy. He's hilarious actually. Awesome dude. So the support system I got to talk to him about last night.

But I want you to let these guys know what you get as your fortunate. Like a lot of you guys are fortunate enough to have this support system so ... so is he ... I don't think I asked him the first time really what it came down to what you remember as sort of the first time where you wanted to get into landscaping.

Hartman: So we started out me and a friend we went door to door and got a bunch of yards.

5 years I got plus the year I'm in now and ...

Wally Wood: That's ridiculous. Well call this gut ridiculous Hartman ... anyways I want to thank you guys very much for taking the time today. I mean this I said to the other guy its like a reversal like you get inspired by seeing this but were inspired by the things that you guys are doing. It just blows our mind. I've said that like 97 times but I mean it. Like it just blows my mind so before we wrap up tell everybody if you've got a YouTube channel you got an Instagram page cause they need to check you guys out.

Hartman: SO you can follow us at @TigerlawncareLA. LA being Louisiana and Tiger Lawn Care that's us.

Wally Wood: Well thank you very much brother. I really appreciate it. You guys make sure you check all these guys out Millennials Move Over I think is just the concept of something tat a lot of people really need to take in when you watch all these young guys doing stuff. People make excuses of why they can't do it so ... Wally with Beach River Landscapes and thank you guys for checking us out. Peace out.