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Get Ready for Spring (and the Year Ahead) with Herbicides and Fertilizer

By Kevin Blackmer from Texas Veteran Lawn Care

As spring approaches, we're beginning to get ready for the year ahead, and that includes using the right herbicides and fertilizers to get the ground ready.

There are a whole bunch of different products out there, so it’s worthwhile getting to know the difference between each one, what they’re best for, when to use them, etc., to make sure you get the season off to a great start for you and your customers.

These include bug killers, weed and grass stopper for flower beds, and getting a deeper color green for your customer’s lawn.

But these products aren't just limited to spring - they can provide revenue all year round as part of your services offered.

Think about it:

  • Different months need different products

  • Seasonal care for lawns and flower beds

  • Organic lawn care plans for the whole year

By using these products, you can really plan out a year-long program for your customers, with work provided every couple of months.

I hope this video gives you some ideas on making your business more profitable, and building increased loyalty with your customers old and new.

Kevin Blackmer
Texas Veteran Lawn Care
2018 UAG Member

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