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Give Them a Reason to Hire Your Lawn Care Business

We may hate to admit it but there is no market where landscape offerings are unique. We cut grass, trim bushes, fell trees, and blow leaves. However, this should not limit or prevent you from standing out from the competition! It will take some effort on your part to ensure that you are the top choice in most cases. This does not happen overnight or without effort so you will need to make sure that you give them a reason to hire your lawn care or landscape business. Use these tips to make sure that you stand out in your area.

Focus on Great Service

This may be the simpliest but often most overlooked strategy in the sales pitch for many lawn care or landscaping companies. When looking to attract new customers, we often don’t think of the ones we currently have as our strongest selling point. Well, at least they should be.

If your company focuses on great service, your current customers will help build your positive reputation within the community. As a result, you may not need to work as hard to attract new customers or provide your potential customers with a great reason to hire you.

When you focus on great service for the clients you do have, you’re creating the best kind of advocate: A happy, satisfied customer. These are those who are more likely to tell others about your company and your services.

You can add fuel to this fire by asking for reviews online or referrals that you can give to potential clients and reward your current customers with a discount for a future service. A collection of these positive reviews and recommendations becomes a great conversion tool when pitching new customers.

Tip: Be sure each employee working for you understands that customer service is not just about keeping the current client happy but instrumental in gaining new customers that keeps everyone busy and employed!

Offer a Service Guarantee

Whether your competitors are doing this already in the area or not, it’s critical for you to offer it. When you back your work up with a guarantee that the customer will be happy or you will fix it or give their money back, you are telling your potential customers just how confident you are in your work.

Most customers understand that not everything goes well 100% of the time, “stuff happens” that’s beyond our control. Confidence is built when they’re assured you’ll be there to take care of those issues, when and if they occur, without questions or aggravation on their part.

This may be scary to offer but if you are trying to get new clients, they need to know that you are confident in your work, especially when you have a lot of competition. And let’s face it, most communities have lots of us vying for the business.

If the customer cannot see this confidence in you, then you have already lost the potential sale. The ultimate goal is to make sure that you showcase what you know you can do and back it up with a guarantee of service.

Think of Your Unique Proposition

You need to be able to focus your company in a way that you show your unique selling proposition.

In the face of so many lawn care and landscaping firms – from student run to solo operators to larger franchise businesses - you need to find a way to be unique in some way in order to stand out as the better option.

Whether you offer a discount for the first few services or you offer year-round services, make sure you highlight this unique selling point when you are making your pitch. Is it the guarantee you offer? The professionalism of your staff? Consider adding small bonuses throughout the year like a small bag of grass seed left at the door or a free fall season yard clean-up for year-round customers. Whatever makes sense for your business, it’s important to be different – and to showcase that difference.

There are a lot of things you can do to convince potential customers to hire your landscape company but if you do not give them a reason during your pitch, you will likely not win them over.

What is your unique value proposition? Jump on over to our forum and share with others in the community.