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Giving Yourself Time Off (And When, and Why, You Should)

By Kevin Blackmer from Texas Veteran Lawn Care

In our business, it can be hard to decide how we take time away from running it, growing it, and more.

This is especially true when we're just starting out - we know we need to be working our butts off to start with, so we find customers, grow our jobs list, etc.

And that can be tough, if we need to juggle family life, personal commitments, and other things that also need out time away from the business.

But as I show in this video, we can work on ways to manage our time better so we can have some time off, even when our business is keeping us super busy.

Little things like:

  • Optimizing our routes, so customers are closer to each other and to our home.

  • The time we wake up, and manage the day ahead.

  • Calendar optimizing, to slot in personal time.

  • Choosing our properties to make more sense from a profit and time point of view.

Yes, we're in business to make money, to succeed, and to look after our families. And there will be times when we have to sacrifice personal time to build our business.

After that, though - let's think about how we can focus more on us, and get a good mix of enjoying life while enjoying how our business lets us make that choice!

Kevin Blackmer
Texas Veteran Lawn Care
2018 UAG Member

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