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Green Industry Businesses Predict Revenue Increase

A survey of the lawn care professional, conducted by LawnStarter, to gauge the potential industry growth in 2017 shows that 91% of the participants predicted revenue to increase this year, in comparison to the previous year. Only 9% were not sure, expected the revenue to remain same, or get lower.

That’s a positive sign for members of the green industry, especially since 52% of those questioned in this survey stated they were concerned about “finding new customers.” However, business growth is based on both nurturing old clients and continuously finding new ones. So, we dug deep into finding how true opportunity lies within the American lawn care market.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a research survey last year, which returned some interesting - and encouraging - figures for green industry business owners. The research sought to guage the knowledge and skill level of American home owners about landscaping. The following infographic gives us a summary of the study’s findings.

(Image Source - Business Wire)

According to the survey, more than 3 in 4 “adults have a home with a lawn/or landscaping.” This demonstrates the size of the opportunity available for those in the landscaping business or considering entering the business. However, there are challenges in that 74% of homeowners believe that they know how to care for their lawn each season. Interestingly, when pushed, most don’t seem to be fully aware of facts or indicate they have some confusion about landscaping.

And there’s the opportunity for savvy business people, but how do you use this knowledge to drive more leads and customers?

For example, 64% of homeowners “falsely believe all grass needs to be fertilized in the spring?” With this knowledge, you should be actively marketing to homeowners at other times of the year with education about the importance of fertilizing certain grasses in summer or fall, and add a call-to-action offering your service. For existing customers, this may be a way to upsell additional services. For potential customers, it may be an entry into a longer-term contract for services.

The survey also reveals that less than 1 in 3 homeowners admitted “they aren’t sure how often a lawn should be watered.” While landscapers don’t typically offer ‘watering your grass’ as a service, this does illustrate the opportunity to upsell irrigation systems or to partner with an irrigation company to offer value-added services. If your business does not offer irrigation systems for homeowners, a partnership or an affiliate program could be considered that would be benefit each party. As the survey suggest that American home owners are largely over confident on their skills to upkeep their lawns.

Yes, the market is big and the opportunities even larger but gaining the business is not always easy. Using data like this to plan when and how you market to existing and new customers helps to create the right strategy and helps to decide what message to use at different times of the year.

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