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Grow Your Landscape and Lawn Care Business in the Off Season

If your landscaping clients seem to evaporate or go into hibernation in the winter, this is prime time to be proactive. With a little imagination, you can grow your lawn care or arborist business into a year-round moneymaker. The plan? Use your knowledge of local area landscaping needs and climate to create and market new services. These off-season lawn maintenance business tips will keep you in touch with customers over the winter and help your company flourish through the colder months.

New Winter Landscaping Services to Offer Your Customers

Snow Shoveling and Leaf Removal

If you live in snow country and have the motivation to expand into this related business area, a number of your customers will be interested in this added service. They’ll enjoy the convenience of walking outdoors without the need to “dig out.” You’ll ease some safety concerns too, since shoveling snow (and/or raking mountains of fallen leaves) is especially difficult for seniors, anyone with arthritis or a heart condition, and anyone who is in a rush.

Tree Pruning and Removal

If you have the capability to expand into this business, including insurance and the correct permits/certifications, offer tree removal, pruning and dead branch removal to your clients. You can also offer on-call emergency services to stay very busy in winter.

Fall Lawn Cleanup

Offer to rake leaves and flower beds, clean gutters and prune shrubbery that needs fall trimming. Planting bulbs for bloom next spring, removing plants that won’t last the winter from fixed planters, and even cleaning and securely covering lawn furniture (or moving inside for winter storage) could all be options.

Spring Lawn and Garden Prep

Grass seeding is a logical service to offer, and you can get clients started early if you market in advance. With services booked well in advance, you can plan your staffing and schedule the work to avoid becoming backlogged with last-minute requests in the high season. Also, think outside the lawn--and offer needed services like raking beds (and straw removal in parts of the country where it’s used to keep plants from freezing).

Include related services like cleaning and replanting potted plants around the property, clearing away dead shrubbery, pruning and fertilizing with a slow-release product. This ensures your client’s lawns will look summer- ready well before the neighbors.

Landscaping Consultation and Planning

Market landscape consultations and clients can envision the new lawn and landscape—and improved curb appeal--that they can look forward to when spring and summer come. Marketing landscape design consultations positions you as an expert and professional, and it can create demand for planning services earlier in the season. This helps you keep upcoming summer projects organized since you’re getting an early start, with up-front knowledge of what customers are interested in for the coming season. You’ll also have the opportunity to order any special supplies to handle special spring landscaping requests in a timely manner.

Holiday Lawn Displays and Outdoor Lighting Installation

With proper liability insurance in place and supplies you may not currently have (like extension ladders), you can offer to set up (and later, take down) exterior home holiday lights and lawn decor. You could even label this in a higher-end manner, as Holiday Landscape Planning or similar.

You could get creative helping clients plan displays, laying out where string lights should go, including which type is best and the most energy efficient options (to keep holiday lighting energy bills in line). You could even include installing permanent hooks and lighting mounts to the home, to make next season’s holiday home decorating and exterior holiday lighting easier.

What Off-Season? Add Year-Round Landscaping Services in any Weather

With these new, proactive off-season landscaping services to offer, you can smooth out your company cash flow and create a year-round business. If you're not careful, you could end up with a much larger budget for your winter vacation--and less time to take it! Remember, the amount of business growth you achieve by adding winter landscape services is up to you!

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