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How a Lawn Care Business Can Partner with a Realtor

Everyone needs a helping hand at times. One lift up that owners of lawn care businesses appreciate is referrals to help build our client lists.

But sometimes the best way to find business is to be the one reaching out to help.

For example, ask not what a realtor can do for you but what you can do to help a realtor -- a broker or agent who wears many hats when aiding clients in selling and buying properties.

Real estate professionals are analysts creating and reviewing contract offers, marketers finding the best ways to promote properties, therapists soothing clients when sales or purchases collapse, and visionaries helping buyers and sellers see what needs fixing and polishing.

That last item is particularly important from the point of view of a lawn care professional. It's obvious that properties sell better when their grounds are attractive, but owners can't always be the ones to do the mowing and trimming.

This is why lawn care professionals are ideal partners for realtors. They need our help.

Realtors need the help of lawn care businesses so much that it is even possible to build a business based primarily on helping them with turf maintenance.

Getting Ready to Approach Realtors

Before handing your business card to realtor, be prepared to meet their needs. The Houston-based Chron notes that you will need:

  • Professional-grade mowers and other sturdy equipment built for business instead of home use

  • Regular maintenance and replacement practices for equipment

  • Effective communication skills and forms, including contracts, for detailing both your expectations and those of the client regarding price and scope of the work (such as lawn size and time per job)

  • Excellent supervision of lawn care staff regarding work expectations and safety practices, and

  • Marketing materials including a website showing photos of your work, listing services and sharing customer testimonials.

Partnering with Realtors

The first rule to remember when working with realtors is that your company's work needs to make them look good.

The second rule is that even though they may want your services at a discount, they may be able to make up in volume of work for what they lack in terms of price per job.

Third, once they see the quality of your work, higher pay may be available.

The fourth rule is that buyers who like the yard work they see may transform into long term customers for work outside of your real estate maintenance business.

This is particularly true of real estate clients working with buyer's agents, because they are often willing to pay for quality care.

Rule number five is that cold-calling realtors can be exhausting work unless you have a staff member who is the designated rainmaker.

For the business owner or manager, networking through professional real estate organizations and meet-up groups can be a more relaxing, sustainable way to meet agents and brokers.

Last but not least, make the digital age work for you. Sign up for online services that put realtors in touch with service organizations such as lawn care.

It may save you management time that you might rather spend having fun with friends and family or lending them a helping hand.

Have you partnered with realtors to help your business? What were your results like? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.