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How an Arborist Made the Decision to Switch Brands After Years of Experience

As an arborist, choosing and acquiring the proper power tools can be a daunting process.

We all remember that one job where everything was going smooth until a machine or a truck breaks down. Now that routine job just got really tough because you can't use, or fix, the proper tool for the job.

After years of doing tree work, running another brand of gas power tools, I decided to switch to ECHO power equipment. Honestly, I was sold on the do it yourself maintenance and repairs.

After doing some research I chose two models that I felt made sense for everyday production tree work.

I highly recommend purchasing the CS-355t, with a 16 inch bar, for aerial tree removal. I paired it with a CS-680, with a 24 inch bar, for tree felling, bucking and general ground use.

One thing to remember when shopping for an ECHO chainsaw is the model name. The CS stands for chainsaw and the first two numbers are the amount of cc. So, if you are looking at a CS-680 on the shelf, it is a 68 cc chainsaw.

Now, with two strong chainsaws in my tool box I decided to add two more saws that filled a need on the job site.

  • The CS-590 Timberwolf for its amazing power to weight ratio. It's the perfect chainsaw for limbing up a tree on the ground or to have near the chipper. It is much lighter than the CS-680.

  • The CS-2511t. It's slim and powerful. I got one just before a recent snowstorm and it's perfect for chasing damaged limbs and deadwood.

I hope my recommendations have assisted you in understanding how the various ECHO chainsaws can help in the everyday work of an arborist.

It is important to understand how each chainsaw can improve the production of a job, based on the type of work to be completed.

Hans Tielmann
The Badhans
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What chainsaws so you use for specific jobs, and how do you choose them? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.