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How Does the ECHO 58v Cordless Chainsaw Deal With Storm Damage?

By Michael Bedell from Bedell Property Management, LLC

Hi guys, Michael Bedell here - hope you’re having a great summer, and keeping busy! I know we’ve been blessed to have a great one so far, hope yours is the same!

With the recent rain and storms we had, it gave my friend Gary and I a fun idea to test out the ECHO 58v Cordless Chainsaw on some storm damaged trees.

We got a pile of various branches and limbs from storm damage, and ECHO thought it’d be an interesting way to put their 58v cordless chainsaw. My takeaways:

  • It’s straight out of the box - new blade, oil, etc

  • Make sure you have all the right safety gear/PPE

  • I’m not a certified arborist, but I do have great tutelage and expertise in trees

  • The 58v system for the chainsaw is the perfect balance of weight, use, and longevity

  • The chainsaw is super quiet

  • The battery is a beast!

Well, I hope that helps, guys, and let me know what you think of the new generation of cordless tools!

Michael Bedell
Bedell Property Management, LLC
UAG Member 2019
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