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How Learning About Content Marketing and YouTube Changed My Lawn Care Business

This is a special interview with Jason Creel of Lawn Care Life.

When I first got started in the lawn care industry, I didn’t have any idea how to market on the internet, I just knew it was a good idea because I’d seen a friend in another line of business do it successfully.

After doing a bit of research, I learned about giving content away online.

At first, it seemed strange to me that taking the time to make videos and blog posts and what-not, and then just sharing it with anyone on the internet for free, was a good way to market my business. How was giving away what I knew going to help me make more sales?

More to the point, I wondered who the people were that would even care about this stuff. What I found surprised me.

Content Really is King

In addition to the blog on my website, I started sharing videos on YouTube. Nothing fancy. Mostly just me standing in front of the truck talking for a couple minutes about one thing or another -- when should you water your lawn, what’s a pre-emergent herbicide, why do some people need to apply lime to help their grass grow?

The kinds of things that customers ask me about all the time.

It took a while to build-up a bit of a YouTube following but slowly, over the course of a couple years, I started to notice some very positive things.

First, remember that YouTube is owned by Google. While the two technologies have different approaches to search (there’s a nice article on that here), ranking well on YouTube helps you move up the rankings on Google search.

In fact, because of my YouTube channel, the Alabama Lawn Pros website rose to the top of the ranks on Google locally, so now it’s easier for customers to find me.

Second, I found that when new customers did get around to calling or emailing me, they’d often spent some time beforehand watching one of the videos to learn something about how to take care of their lawn.

Sometimes they were just looking to learn how to do it themselves, and that’s fine.

But in other cases, what the videos did was a) build the customer’s trust in me, and b) make the Alabama Lawn Pros brand the first thing they thought of when time came there was a job they needed help with.

So, the lesson learned there was that the YouTube videos are about more than generating leads that immediately turned into sales - the videos help to develop both the brand and a relationship with the customers.

And because it’s online, it happens on-demand, whenever they want it, and they’re free to act on that, ask questions, or give some feedback. That’s a pretty powerful marketing tool for a small operation like mine to have.

The third thing I learned from having the YouTube channel is that there are a lot of people out there who want to start their own lawn care business that are looking for information.

They want to know how to get started, what equipment they’ll need - and the big one - how to market themselves.

Being Helpful Grows More Than Your Business

When I realized just how many of the social interactions we were getting came from these budding entrepreneurs and started chatting back and forth with people, it hit me that there was an opportunity to use content to help people start their business, while growing my own at the same time.

That led to creating the start-lawncarebusiness.com website, which is exactly what it sounds like. For a few bucks, lawn care business owners can get all the paperwork they need (contracts, marketing letters etc.), a customizable marketing plan, access to more than 50 video courses to help start and grow a lawn care business, and online support.

It’s helped a bunch of people get their start in the business and created a new revenue stream for me that can produce 24 hours a day.

This part of the business has grown so much over the last year or so that we recently held our first-ever Lawn Care Life conference, which was focused on how to get started and the best ways to market a local lawn care business.

The feedback has been super positive. We’re looking forward to growing the event and finding sponsors who want to attend the conference, network with business owners, and maybe help produce more educational content and grow the community.

Learning how to produce good online content and use technologies like YouTube and Google to market has had a huge impact on my business and my life.

It’s helped me build a brand locally, engage with a whole community of like-minded lawn care professionals, and opened-up new business opportunities I wouldn’t have thought about before.

Even if you’re just one person in a truck, as long as you’re all-in and willing to learn something new online marketing technology can help your lawn care business grow.

Barret Hall
Marketing Manager

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