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How to Boost Your Bottom Line by Subcontracting

By Josh Currivan from Currivan Green Co. Landscape & Construction, Inc.

If your lawn care business mainly concentrates on one or two areas, there's a great way to make more revenue - subcontracting.

Not only can this help increase the services you offer to customers - especially if you don't have the skills or manpower to do it yourself - it can add a steady revenue stream to your bottom line.

As you can see from the video, when we run subcontracting jobs, we're able to mark up a job to ensure we're making money as well as the subcontractor. This goes for materials as well as labor.

I highly recommend considering considering subcontracting for your business - just make sure you vet the company you're going to use, as you'll still be the one on the hook for any issues.

Josh Currivan
Currivan Green Co. Landscape & Construction, Inc.
UAG Member

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