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How To Build Effective Route Density

By Stetson Riley from Stet's Lawn Care

What’s up, EMB Community? It’s Stetson Riley of Stet’s Lawn Care coming to you from Oklahoma City. Today, we’re talking route density. Route density improves efficiency because it reduces your in-car driving time. Route density will also allow you to have a profitable and successful business.

In my business, we implemented a couple different tactics to improve our route density. One tactic we implemented was zoning. My team and I made it a priority to consider how we were planning our jobs and in what areas. I also decided to decline jobs outside of my city to save time. If you think you have a route density issue, I’d recommend writing out your routes. Ask yourself, are the yards that you are servicing more than 10 minutes apart? If you answered yes, you may need to consider another route density strategy. Watch the full video to hear all of my tips.

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