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How to Create Free Logos Using Your Smartphone

By Jensen Martinez “JC The Lawn Guy” from Lawn Squad Mowing

Hi guys, JC here from Lawn Squad Mowing, and in today’s video, I want to show you how to create free logos using your smartphone.

This video’s a little bit longer than usual, but as you’ll see, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to make these logos and help your business stand out.

There are a couple of programs that I use for this, and both are available for free on the app store.

  • Phonto - this is a free app that lets you add text to photos, and you can find it here.

  • Cut Me In - the main app I use, almost like PhotoShop for your phone. You can find that here.

What I love about these apps is that both are really easy to use, while still having a ton of features to get as detailed as you want to. It helps that you can duplicate your smartphone screen to your computer to see what you’re doing.

I hope this helps, guys, and let me know how you create logos for your business.

Jensen Martinez “JC The Lawn Guy”
Lawn Squad Mowing
UAG Member 2020
Instagram | YouTube

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