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How to Generate Leads for Business Your Using Facebook

By Josh Currivan from Currivan Green Co. Landscape & Construction, Inc.

When you think of using Facebook for your lawn care or landscaping business, you probably think of ads and pictures/videos.

While that's true, it may not be the best approach, depending on how old your business is, and whether you have somewhere to drive your ads to. I want to show you a different way.

If you haven't already done so, look at local Facebook groups, community groups, seasonal groups, etc.

Being part of a group, and being an active member on these groups (even getting a friend to help you get a conversation going), can really help drive leads to your business for much less than an ad would cost.

I hope this video helps, and always happy to hear your feedback!

Josh Currivan
Currivan Green Co. Landscape & Construction, Inc.
UAG Member

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