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How To Keep The Leads Growing In The Off-Season

It should come as no surprise if you work in the landscaping and lawn care business that during the winter, there is a lull in not only business but new business leads during the off-season. However, you are likely relying on your income to continue, at least a little bit, during this time. Our personal – if not business – bills don’t stop. Keeping the sales funnel – or the new customer leads – coming in will make the spring a more lucrative time for your business. Need to keep the leads growing in the off-season? Simply put, the best way to do this is to continue working at it. Here’s a few tips that may get those sales engines going.

Tips for Keeping the Sales Funnel Moving

  • Ask Your Current Clients to Renew Early – Many of us offer yearly services that require a renewal in the spring but why wait to March to get those renewals? Use the off-season to call and email current customers, and check in on their happiness with the service this past year, answer any questions, and ask for a renewal commitment. Many businesses offer discounts to customers who renew – and make some payment – early.

  • Ask Your Current Clients for Referrals – While you’re talking to them, current clients can help you a lot more than by just renewing their service contracts. If you do a great job with them and they are happy to have you, then you can ask them to refer you to their friends. You will get a lot more quality leads this way because your actual customers are going to be talking about how great your company is. You can also opt to incentivize any referrals by offering your current customers discounts based on how many people they refer to your business that become customers.

  • Offer Winter Services – In the fall and winter, you can grow your revenue from the current and prospective customer base by offering seasonal services. You may want to consider getting some leaf blowing, yard clean ups, or snow shoveling services going. In addition to keeping your current customers paying through the season, you can also pick up some new customers that you can convert to your more traditional offerings in the spring and summer.

    Check out the Forum thread on adding snow plowing for the first time by Brent Catterson here.

  • Spend Time Marketing – You never know who is going to be looking for some services and in order to keep your sales funnel moving, you need to keep getting leads. It cannot hurt you at all to put out some flyers in your local area to see who may bite. Not only will you want to put these on local billboards, or posted in some local businesses but you should also mail some to some neighborhoods you want to target specifically for your services. Flyers will not cost you a lot to create or get into the community but they can get you a lot of leads in return.

  • Develop Partnerships – Consider partnering with local real estate agents in your down time to assist with “curb appeal” projects or local churches for Fall and Winter fair prep. These types of networking opportunities, which we rarely have time to get involved in during the summer season, is an ideal opportunity to promote your brand and draw more referrals from community members.

There are a lot of different things that you can do to keep things moving this off-season. If you take the right steps now, you can also ramp up your business in the spring and summer so you can hit new sales and production goals.

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