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How to Make Your Trimmer Heads Last Longer

By Brent Catterson from Katter Kuts

When it comes to trimmer heads, I've been pretty good at looking after mine, even in my first couple of years in business.

A reason for this is I've been really wary of where I've been trimming, and what obstacles might be in the way. Tree roots that stick above the ground, for example, can see your trimmer head getting a bit more wear and tear than normal.

Because of that, I never had to replace my head in the first 2-3 years of my business.

In fact, it's only when I hired a guy to help me that I saw my trimmer heads lasting less than they used to.

So I just wanted to share my take on how you can make your trimmer head last longer, and how to ensure your team's not costing you extra money where they don't need to be.

Brent Catterson
Katter Kuts
2018 UAG Member

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