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How to Prevent Weeds in Fresh Mulch

By Mike Gunn from Gunn Landscaping

Hey there guys, and today I wanted to show you how to prevent weeds in fresh mulch, using an example of where the mulching was pretty thin.

As you can see, sometimes I'll do a pre-emergent underneath the mulch to keep the weeds from popping up.

However, if you have greener mulch, due to getting it earlier in the season, that can mean there are still seeds in it, including weeds. In this case, what I do is put down a pre-emergent on top of the mulch.

This keeps everything looking good, and makes sure you don't have to be weeding too much throughout the year.

Well I hope this helps, guys, and let me know what tips you'd share for preventing weeds in fresh mulch.

Mike Gunn
Gunn Landscaping
UAG Member 2020
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