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How to Repair and Replace Sprinkler Heads

By Blake Hawthorn from It's HIS turf

Hi guys, Blake here from it's HIS turf, and today I want to talk about how to replace sprinkler heads.

No matter if you're in lawn care or landscaping/hardscaping, this is a great way to save you some money and be prepared for any accidents that might happen.

The first one we're going to look at is the 1800 sprinkler head, which is one of the most common sprinkler heads that we use.

Because of the pop-up feature, this can often stay in the up position, and get caught by your mower, and bust the top off. So we make sure to keep a lot of these pop-up nozzles on our truck, as they're really easy to replace, with simple to follow instructions.

The same goes if the neck gets damaged, and we can do a quick replacement and keep our customers happy.

There's also the 5,000 series, and they pretty much work the same as the 1800 when it comes to the inside of the tool, so you can easily switch it out.

Well, I hope this helps, guys, and keeps your repair and replacement time down!

Blake Hawthorn
It's HIS turf
UAG Member 2019
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