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How to Set Effective Goals for Your Lawn and Landscape Business

By Wyatt Bedell from Wyatt's Lawn Service

If you want to build a successful lawn care or landscaping business, it's important to set goals from day one (or the start of a new year).

Not only is this important to see how your business is growing, but you can also see where it needs work, and how you met last year's goals, as I share in this quick video.

As you can see, by tracking my own goals and how I did, I've seen my business:

  • Be more effective with the change in vehicle I needed

  • Handle more jobs with a trailer upgrade

  • Do bigger jobs by increasing my mower power and equipment

To make sure you get the most out of the goals you set, I really recommend that you:

  • Write them down and keep them where you can always check in on them

  • Make them realistic so you can grow properly and within your budget

  • Think about the type of business you want to build and how you'll get there

Well, I hope that helps, guys, and I'd love to hear how you set your own goals and how you measure them!

Wyatt Bedell
Wyatt's Lawn Service
UAG Member 2019
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