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How To Start A Lawn Care Business As A Teenager!

By Stetson Riley from Stet's Lawn Care

Hey, green pros. It’s Stetson of Stet’s Lawn Care. Today my message is for young pros or for anyone who’s just getting started. There are so many misconceptions about what it takes to start a lawn care business. You may think you need to be a certain age, or own certain kinds of equipment to get started. Let me tell you, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

You can start at any age with any kind of equipment! Don’t be afraid to get started and make mistakes. That’s how we learn and get better. Watch my video below to learn how I got started.

Are you a young pro thinking of starting your own business? Let’s talk and continue this conversation in the forum.

Do you have any advice to share with younger pros just getting started? Let's continue this conversation in the forum.

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Stetson Riley
Stet's Lawn Care
UAG Contributor 2021
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What's up everybody? My name is Stetson. I am the owner of Stet's Lawn Care down here in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. We're in central Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City. And I just wanted to get on here today to talk to the younger guys, and even the older ones, about how easy it is to start a lawn care and landscaping business at such a young age.

Because I started when I was about 11. Right now I'm 21, but started when I was 11. It's not that hard guys. You see all these guys on YouTube. You don't need the best equipment. I mean, I'm sure that a lot of people think that I have good equipment, but you know, I worked my way up. Took me 10 years to get to where I am. But you definitely, guys, if you saw where I started, you would not believe me at all.

I wish I had a picture. I really do. But, basically what I started with was, I was very gracious to have my grandparents, my grandpa, he helped me. He bought me my very first mower. It was a Lawn Boy mower, a really nice green Lawn Boy mower. Got it from Home Depot. Well, he bought that for me, after the Toro one that I had broke. Which the Toro one was like, 10, 12 years old, it was really old. That one broke, so my grandpa, so graciously bought me the Lawn Boy one, and that worked out really well.

But, that was the only new piece of equipment I ever had until a couple years ago. So basically, what else I had was a Poulan Pro. It was the interchangeable head. It was just like the ECHO PAS-2620 system, but it was Poulan Pro brand, and it was very old. That one was about as old as that Toro mower. It was about 10 years old. But I had all the attachments for it. I had a weed eater, the edger, and I had even the blower attachment for it. It was on a curve shaft blower too.

But, you guys, it got the job done. I didn't need any fancy backpack blowers. No stand on mowers, back then guys it was just push mowers with the whole interchangeable head system for the Poulan Pro. So, a lot of younger guys, you're probably thinking, "I can't do it with the equipment I have." But guys, you definitely can. Always make sure you have PPE on, meaning, eyewear, wear pants. I always wear pants, long sleeves. You want to protect your skin from the sun. I usually wear a face shield also whenever I weed eat, just so I avoid things, flinging up, hitting you in the face, might as well. And it blocks the sun off of me, because I don't want to get skin cancer, anything like that.

But yeah guys, that's pretty much all I wanted to hop on here for. Just to let you know that you can do it guys. You don't have to have the best equipment. Younger, older, it doesn't matter how old you are, you don't have to have nice stand on mowers, brand new weed eaters, edgers, blowers. You don't have to. You can start with anything and it's easy. All you got to do, print up some flyers, order some on Vista Print, they're really cheap. Go door to door. Introduce yourself. That's what I did. I'd go introduce myself. Tell them about you, tell them that you're starting this business and if they would give you the opportunity or give you a chance to prove yourself and just stuff like that.

It's very easy to start one guys, and I really suggest that you do. It's a great business to get into.