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How to Start a Lawn Care Business with Absolutely No Money!

By Julio Tome from Cloverdale Mowing

One of the things I get asked a lot is how to get into the lawn care business. Often, I hear reasons why people can't:

  • I'd like to, but I can't afford the tools, or

  • But I can't afford to buy a truck

These are just some of the reasons I here, and they all include the same word: “but”. And that's the problem right there.

As I share in this video, there are many ways to overcome the perceived cost of starting your lawn care business.

  • Are there any customers just looking for the labour part of your service?

  • Very few people start out with brand new products.

  • Some customers might see you as expensive, if you come across as too "accomplished".

Yes, there are costs involved in starting any business, but hopefully this video shows that you can actually start to a lawn care business with no money down.

Facebook, Craigslist, and other options can help you in this regard, and help you build the experience to help you launch that business you've always wanted to.

I'd love to hear how you got started, and what's changed for you over the years.

Julio Tome
Cloverdale Mowing
YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

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